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Found 3 results

  1. I'm having a hard time finding a speckled clay without manganese. Anyone have any suggestions? I've searched the SDS sheets of Standard Ceramic, Laguna, Minnesota clay co and Amaco. The best I can tell is that Amaco may not use it in their 480M and 48M with grog but their SDS sheets don't seem to list all the ingredients so I'm skeptical. I can't tell from this list (below) what would be causing the blooming speckles? It also seems like they are only listing the top 5 ingredients by weight. Hydrated Aluminium Silicate 10-30% HYDROUS ALUMINIUM SILICATE 10-30% Fireclay 1
  2. Hi, I have been handbuilding with clay for a couple of years now. I bought a slab roller which is wonderful! Now I'm getting more into the science of glazing. Self taught, (with a well known potter to ask advice from). I am selling well and with each new piece I learn so much. The owner gave me a Laguna #70 to work with and it comes out a deep brown. It has manganese in it and the glazes respond in unusual ways. I have a new piece to glaze which on the underside I practiced burnishing and lots of texture on the inside. My desire is to learn how to work with the beauty of the inherent qualitie
  3. Cheers! I thank you very much if anyone can consult. I don't know why in the black or red ceramic paste (which I have high temperature), my faldespatico base enamels do not cover this clay. The enamels come out with bubbles.., although in white clay they work well for me. I understand that black clays contain ox iron and manganese..
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