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Found 3 results

  1. Looking for reactions and responses. I designed the flat art icon-style graphic based on the photo of my box with the hole. I am thinking of using the stylized image as a logo. Yes, not the traditional pic of a ceramic piece. What say you?
  2. I have recently set up my new studio, but new to the world of selling my work. I have a small etsy shop, and have sold about 20 things....Trying to get more organized and professional with my branding, logo, presentation. I am not a potter, just tiles. I am developing a stamp to imprint on the back of my tiles (2-3" whole logo) and would also like to develop a small stamp (1/2- 3/4") for smaller tiles and something that might be visible on the front of some things. Is there a more official name for these little logo stamps? Ceramic marks? My question is this: How do I know if my logo is similar to others ceramic artists' stamps. Is there an archive somewhere, or do I need to go through copy write possess to find out? My proposed stamp is attached, as well as my logo for my shop "Cattail Tile" The stamp just takes the 2 T's ,and dots from the larger logo. It is not terribly unique or creative symbol, but I like it, and I figure it has to be simple to be recognizable so small. I tried a site that visually searches images for anything out there on the web, and it said my image was too simple to search. Ideas? Should I not worry about it and just do it? Does this symbol look familiar to anyone (other than it looking like the Pi symbol with 3 square dots) ?
  3. I have been making medallion mugs for a short time now. By a medallion mug, I mean: rolling out a thin slab, using a round cookie cutter to cut out a small blank medallion, stamping an image (usually a logo) into the blank medallion, attaching it to a leather hard mug. My mugs are OK, but I need to take them to the next level since I am getting some good sized orders. My main problem is getting a nice even edge around the medallion after I attach it. Any suggestions, or better yet, instruction videos out there? I have learned basically by trial and error (mostly error). I tried to post a photo, but this blog will not accept that large of an attachment. Thanks, Jim
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