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Found 1 result

  1. Okay you all know I was thinking, now that I have insurance, about starting to offer limited private lessons in my own studio. I have taught at the local art center a few times and have found I really enjoy teaching, seeing that light go on in their eyes when they get something is very satisfying. Well anyhow I was still in the thinking stage while working in the studio today when I had one show up on my doorstep. Literally... I looked up and there she was. I had spoken with her a few times before about some of her projects that she was really struggling with where she currently is and gave her some pointers and such. I told her she could call me and I would help her with the latest as well. When I spoke with her I hadn't really thought about formally teaching but she told me today that she and a friend want to come take semi private lessons with me, just the 2 of them together. They both know the basics of clay but have moved beyond beginner and are branching out in to design work and such. Design work and hand building is what we would focus on as well as tackling some of the forms like mugs that she really wants to learn how to do. My question for those of you out there teaching private and semi private lessons... what kind of pricing structure should I use? I would provide the space, tools, equipment, specialty materials for design work, and knowledge. I am trying to decide if I should include the price of clay in with the lesson, sell that to them separately, or have them buy and bring their own. Then I also have to tackle the issue of firing costs and such. I would offer once a week classes, open ended... meaning they can take as few or as many as they want. When they get tired of me they can simply stop the lessons. There would be a minimum 2 hour class period to sign up for and I would prefer to offer a standard 3 hour weekly class. Would it be better to offer a set number of classes for a set number of hours each week? I would offer no open studio time only class time. They are really REALLY interested and want to start next week so kind of need some input from you guys! T
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