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Found 3 results

  1. I am particularly interested in hand building and sculpture. If you have any good resources for reading or watching to learn more about ceramics and techniques I'd love all of them.
  2. Hello All, If you had to recommend a video or group of videos for a home potter to get started with the craft from start to finish... What would you recommend? For example, a good video about hand building, a good video about glazing, and a good video for operating a kiln through the firing processes from bisque to glaze. Assume these variables have been met: Proper ventilated work space, proper PPE for dust and other potential hazmat, a skutt km-1227 kiln, various clay bodies and glazes for up to cone 5 firing. I don't have a wheel, but have plenty of plaster on hand to make molds for pressing and slip casting. No chance to take a proper class due to work schedule and family schedule (read: kids in school and soccer dad duties).
  3. I just had a visit from the eldest kid of my gardener. The kid (Lucio) is six years old and he told me at length how to cut back olive trees and roses ... (I don't have roses by the way) But on to the next QOTW: a few days ago our Marcia asked in another thread http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/14600-how-many-people-here-subscribe-to-magazines-like-ceramics-monthy-studio-potterclay-times-ceramics-review-new-ceramics/ ... and I learned that people from the US for instance only read US magazines. Since I am writing articles for a European magazine (which is availabe also in English, and one can subscribe also to an oline version) I am curious why nobody looks "beyond one's own nose". What does it need for you to look beyond your own nose? No offense meant! Have a great week everybody! Evelyne
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