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Found 3 results

  1. I am looking for input regarding the L&L Jupiter Sectional Kilns. If your interest our newbie intro is below. My shop has single phase which currently tops out on 50 amp breakers (all my welders need). I do have 3 phase but because it runs off a 10 hp converter, my mills and lathes would not then be available during the firing cycles so I am X off that choice. We initially looked at L&L E23T-240 but L&L site states a 60 amp even though the kiln technically only needs a 50 as stated by their plug configurations. i do believe in having head room regarding specs. Our background: My Wife and I are new to ceramic, however between us we have extensive background in painting, weaving, metal working etc. My wife is one of the top international designers (seriously) for intimate apparel. She learned her trade from the old school rag cutters in England. She also has background in painting, weaving and jewelry making and more. I have a full machine\weld\fabrication shop and have retired but still have my equipment and still produce organic styled art pieces. Lately metal spinning (a voodoo art similar to pottery wheel spinning) and copper coloring by heat, time and recipes have been my focus. We are very organic in our tastes and like the surprises that occur in our work (and gardens). However we do believe in learning the foundational skills. We are both now becoming immersed into the world of pottery\ceramics. This is for our own joy, however i am a tool snob and believe in "buy the best and largest you can." I only own commercial grade as there are to many disappointments with failures, manufacture short cuts etc at lower product lines. We appreciate everyone has their own $ and footprint constraints. That being said, we are zeroing in on an L&L kiln. Outside of reading, others opinions, i have zero firing experience and intend to take advantage of any classes etc. I learned my metal work by trial by fire..painful but typically make the mistake only once. Welding and metal work has taught me the principals of "its all about the heat and time". So regarding the L&L, their Jupiter Sectionals seem quite appealing. If I read the literature correctly, its seems to have at last some expansion growth design. Our first choice was to go front load however my weld circuits are only 50 amp and just not interested in running more cable . Outside of that, we dont know what we dont know. All input & guidance is appreciated. Buyers remorse is the only failure i cant stand Thanks Tim & Gill
  2. Hi there, I've been a member for quite a while but this is my first time posting. Up until recently I was in a communal studio but I am more than likely getting my own space in July. I've been shopping around for kilns but I'm having a hard time making up my mind. First of all I'm not sure if I should get a L&L or a Skutt (I will be buying it brand new). Secondly I'm having a hard time decided on the size. I'm not the tallest person and also have some lower back problems occasionally so I was thinking of getting a short model (Skutt KMT 1022 or 1218, or L&L e28s). Mostly looking for a kiln between 7-8 cubic feet as I will be doing a lot of production. My question with the wider shorter kilns, does it have a harder time reaching temperature due to the width? Also is it worth it getting the 3" brick? I will be firing to cone 5. I've only worked with a Skutt KM1027 which I like a lot but I'm afraid the height might bother me in the long run. And one last questions regarding the touchscreen, I really like the way the Skutt KMT's look and I'm unsure about the Genesis Touchscreen Controller. Thanks in advance for any opinions or experiences! Ekua
  3. Greetings, I am a complete newbie to kilns. We purchased a used kiln and were able to run it once successfully with a small test load. When we tried for a second load we filled her up a little more, but only 3 shelves and a couple things on each shelf. We kept getting the Err5 - Error 5 code and we would stop and start and it would continue heating up, and then code again. This was on the heating up of the kiln, not the cooling off. With what we knew and a little research, we figured the thermocouples needed replacing. One of the 3 has a crack in the cover and you can tell they are quite old. I was told I needed to replace all 3, and that I should replace with L&L Type-K 8 Gauge Thermocouple. I have looked at lots of YouTube videos on changing the thermocouple, and none have the thermocouple on the outside of the box on the side of the kiln, so I'm wondering if the K kind is the correct type for us. As you can see in the pics below, the thermocouples I see are not behind the metal boxes on the front of the Kiln. ANY ideas, suggestions, straight up explanations are SO very welcome. I truly know so little - my daughter is in art school in Maryland and is the potter.
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