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Found 6 results

  1. hi there! after a couple years of outsourcing kilns to use, ive finally put in the money and got myself a nice little amaco EX-329-SF with the controller. not a huge kiln but its all i need for now. after doing some quick research I started a first firing with no ware but the kiln furniture, and a small [absolutely bone dry, I live in a desert country and its been drying outside for weeks] dog greenware figure to test the firing capability. I put in the dog as I live in a pretty non artist-friendly city and have little access to ceramics supply. problem is, ive fired it with all the peephole plugs closed and just realized now when im not home to change that. I had it preheating at 80 celcius for 6 hours last night, and the temp appears to be ramping up well now 12 hours later. but im worried now that ive damaged the elements or something of the sort? its a brand new kiln, i couldnt find a second-hand kiln anywhere till the next few countries over, and that would be too complicated to try and send over to where i am. also note the kiln is outdoors so i havent put in a vent system. i guess im asking, did i damage my kiln by leaving all peepholes closed on the first firing? it should be cooled enough to open by the time i get home, but i wouldnt know how to check for damage of the elements unless its very clear. thanks in advance
  2. Hi friends! I’m venturing into a self-build! Will do a small-ish brick kiln. I live in Chile where components of all kinds are either scarce or much more expensive that in the states. Happily I am currently in the U.S. so want to pick up the needed hardware here. Thing is, after doing searches (including this forum) I just haven’t found a clear outline of what is needed. Even the little kiln building book I have seems a little too vague on parts to buy. I do have access to a great plumber who has worked my other propane equipment (our stoves and hot water run on propane). Does anyone here have a novice-friendly outline of hardware needed? Plus a basic set-up? Diagram? And recommendations for branded/sources? My primary firing needs are single-fire to come 6/7, but I will also look to run cone 10 for translucent porcelain. Would be great if I can purpose this kiln for raku also. Is that fine? My work is mostly slip-decorated. Thank you so much for any guidance, tips and of course encouragement!! Warmly, Heather
  3. I recently did a glaze firing to cone 06 and the pieces came out horribly. I am relatively new to firing and was wondering if you could help me figure out what went wrong. I used BMix clay bisque fired to cone 04 then applied the glazes. The glazes used are in the pictures written on a note. I glaze fired to cone 06 and monitored the firing temps and they were as follows (all degrees are in Fahrenheit): Starting temp: 73 2 hours temp: 700 4 hour temp: 1185 6 hour temp: 1560 7 hour temp: 1680 8 hour temp: 1785 Final temp: 1827 at 8.5 hours Any thoughts very much appreciated!!
  4. Hi y'all! I'm going to go see a kiln in person tomorrow. It's a Skutt 818-240. Owner seems to have boughten from someone else too, because they don't know how old it is but has had it for 3 years. She says it works well, but my only concern is that the the brick on wall is chipped but the coil is good. Is this going to be a problem functionally? I have attached a picture for reference. She is asking for $375 and she does NOT include shelves. Given that there are no shelves, chipped brick, and it works (yes, I will ask to plug it in before handing them money) a good deal? If not, what would you offer? https://imgur.com/a/bSPKleE Additional info: Sitter Kiln LT-#K, 50 AMP Aside from that anything you think I should be looking for in particular when checking it out or any questions I should be asking? Please let me know thank you
  5. Hello! I have a question regarding what cones my kiln is able to fire to. I’m using a manual skutt 1227 that hasn’t been used in approximately 4yrs. I am a school teacher and have been told this kiln has been at the school since 1996. I have successfully fired the kiln up to cone 04 with low fire clay and glazes. Today I tried to fire some cone 6 clay/glazes, but after about 9.5 hrs on high the kiln still had not reached cone 6 temps. Could this be a problem of needing new elements? Or something more complex?
  6. I am looking to buy a used Gare 1818 from a guy on Craigslist, but I cannot find any information on this kiln. I realize it’s an older kiln model, and I read that Gare was rebranded to Evenheat. This would be my first kiln so I wanted to do my research, and I was hoping to find a manual or something online but I’m coming up empty. Does anyone have any information on this kiln? Used kilns are hard to come by in my area, so I’m debating on just buying it anyway, and hoping for the best.
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