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Found 2 results

  1. Hi friends! I’m venturing into a self-build! Will do a small-ish brick kiln. I live in Chile where components of all kinds are either scarce or much more expensive that in the states. Happily I am currently in the U.S. so want to pick up the needed hardware here. Thing is, after doing searches (including this forum) I just haven’t found a clear outline of what is needed. Even the little kiln building book I have seems a little too vague on parts to buy. I do have access to a great plumber who has worked my other propane equipment (our stoves and hot water run on propane). Does anyone here have a novice-friendly outline of hardware needed? Plus a basic set-up? Diagram? And recommendations for branded/sources? My primary firing needs are single-fire to come 6/7, but I will also look to run cone 10 for translucent porcelain. Would be great if I can purpose this kiln for raku also. Is that fine? My work is mostly slip-decorated. Thank you so much for any guidance, tips and of course encouragement!! Warmly, Heather
  2. Hi friendly pottery community! I am in the process of building a raku kiln from an oil drum, and I have been scouring various sources online and in books to try and answer some questions but have had no luck! I thought it might be easier to just ask. 1. What kind of burner should I buy? The raku burner kits from pottery suppliers seem prohibitively expensive, and I wondered if they are putting a big mark up on something which could be bought cheaper from a builders merchant or similar. However, as I am new to this and don't really know much about burners, I don't want to cut costs and get the wrong thing. I gather from my various sources that the best fuel to go for is propane. 2. Fire bricks - what do I need to go for? I think I need to get some to build up a 'combustion zone' at the bottom of the drum, which a kiln shelf will sit on top of, and the burner will be aimed between them to build up heat. The options I see on the supplier I am currently browsing (Vitcas) are refractory and insulation. Are these the equivalent of hard and soft, as I have seen them referenced elsewhere? And how many should i need? It is a 55 gallon oil drum. 3. Am I right in thinking that the hole for the burner to enter the drum should be approx 2 x the size of the burner, and that the vent at the top of the drum should be double the size of the burner hole? 4. Should I get fire bricks for the oil drum to sit on? Or will it be ok just on concrete floor? I expect I'll have more questions as I progress with the build, but thats it for now! Antonia
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