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Found 6 results

  1. This summer I purchased an older kiln at an estate sale. I’ve attached photos of the controls, and the model number. I’ve tried to fire to cone 04 a few times for a test firing, but so far the kiln sitter shuts off around 5 hours, and the self supporting cone is barely bent. The top dial, I’m assuming is the temp, and the second a timer. does anyone have any suggestions on a firing schedule? So far I’ve tried 2nd knob ON — 1st knob 4 hours at low, the switched to medium, and then the sitter shuts off after about an hour at medium. any advice would be so greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!! Bridget
  2. Hello I'm buying an older mode of the crest kiln B-23-H. The current owner says that this model doesn't have kiln sitter but in the pictures there clearly is one. It was her late mothers and she doesn't know much about the kiln, I'm guessing the kiln sitter is broken. Has anyone been able to fix a kiln sitter? How difficult is it? I'm new to owning a kiln.
  3. Hello! Newbie here who just did her first bisque fire ever. I have a Cress FX23p kiln with a kiln sitter. The commercial glaze that I have purchased says to apply to 04 bisqueware and then fire to cone 5 or 6. So I set my kiln sitter up with a 04 junior cone, loaded up my greenware (after much arranging and rearranging of furniture) and witness cones, and fired her up! I've attached a photo of the witness cones from the top and middle shelves (my kiln only has 2 peep holes so I did not place any on the bottom shelf since I wouldn't be able to view them). I had a brain fart when lining the cones up, so from left to right its top shelf 05, 04, 03, and then bottom shelf 05, 04, 03. I realized after the fact that I should have lined them up 03, 04, 05. Worried that the 04 witness cone did not bend far enough, I did some research and found that perhaps I should have used a 03 junior cone as the junior cone will bend quicker than the witness due to the gravity of the actuating rod. The pieces came out looking like bisqueware of course but I am worried about applying the commercial glaze since it calls for it to be applied to 04 bisqueware. Should I go ahead and apply the glaze anyway? Thank you in advance!! Let me know if you need more info provided.
  4. Hello! I just did a bisque firing with my Paragon A55B which has a manual kiln sitter. I fired to 06 in only 3 hours and 15 minutes following the suggested firing schedule from paragon. Which was as follows: 1 hour - Low, Top peephole out, lid vented 30 min - Medium, top peephole out, lid vented 30 min - High, top peephole out, lid vented Then just leave on high with peepholes in and lid closed. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to slow this cycle down a bit? Or do you think thats fine for a bisque? I imagine with more pots in it, it will slow it down a bit but its a small kiln and doesn't hold that much. Thanks!! Ariel
  5. The control box was off when I acquired the kiln and I’m not sure where some of the wires go such as the two black ground wires in the top box section and the two yellow wires that come out of the heat switch in the top section. I’d like to get the panel reconnected to the kiln but the wiring diagram in the manual is a little confusing. I’m not see a interbox that the manual mentions either. I’ve replaced the tube assembly. I’ve attached photos of the control box. Please let me know what you think! https://freeimage.host/i/2Syhwg https://freeimage.host/i/2Syjta https://freeimage.host/i/2SyNoJ https://freeimage.host/i/2SyOMv
  6. Hey so I'm some what new to kilns and repairs, I got this kiln from an estate sale it needed a few parts but it was fully functional so far I've successfuly completed 2 full firing cycles bisque and glaze to 1080°c I'm happy with the results. I've been planning some cool peices for Christmas presents and I need to fire ASAP but the last fire I did Was a fix up firing for peices that needed to go a bit hotter and the kiln sitter didn't turn off lucky I was there to shut it off, I checked it and the cone 04 hadn't melted, the wares were fine and seemed to have done ok; I hadn't been using witness cones. So yesterday I test fired it for about 2 hours going up to setting 8 which should be s somewhere in the 1200 -1500 range I believe and the sitter still didn't turn off at cone 04 and the cone didn't melt. And the witness cones didn't seem to melt either, so I don't know what's wrong with it I cant see any visable problems except maybe some of the outer metal needs tightening (I'm planning on buying a pyrometer and a kiln plug for the peephole, I think converting to digital is a bit hard and expensive) Is there an obvious problem? Any ideas how to fix, should I pay for a firing service for my Christmas items? I live quite close to some Images on Google drive click link https://drive.google.com/file/d/12KorbzihiuWqlyPAxMyj5E5pRjNnirPx/view?usp=sharing Thanks for any help Rory
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