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Found 4 results

  1. I was wondering if someone could cast an experienced eye over these elements for me and tell me if you think they need replacing? I suspect they do as my kiln struggles over 1100 degC. Not really sure what to look for in a knackered element though. Is it sensible to replace all elements at once? Or is it possible that some wear out faster than others and you don't always need to replace them all in one go? Thanks Luke
  2. Good day. I am going to try to change the elements in my L and L Jupiter kiln. I have just watched some instructions on You Tube and it looks fairly simple. The question is what do I do with the small tiles that hold the elements in place that have fallen off? The elements have expanded and pushed some of them off or visa versa. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  3. Is it practical to make your own kiln elements? I have an old Paragon snf24 and need to replace all elements, but it's too pricey. Has anyone made their own elements? Is there a kiln tech out there??
  4. I've read that if you're dissatisfied with the results of a sawdust firing, rebisquing the pots will burn out the carbon and you can then refire them. HOWEVER, I've also read that exposure to salt will harm the elements of an electric kiln. Since I combine salt, Miracle-Gro and copper carbonate in my sawdust firings, this has me wondering: 1) If I rinse my sawdust fired pieces and lightly wet sand them, will that remove enough of the residual salt to prevent damaging my kiln elements? 2) Would combining these refires in a load with greenware negatively affect the greenware? If more information helps, I use the preprogrammed slow bisque and fire to cone 010 in an electric kiln with a down draft vent system. Thanks so much for any advice you can give me!
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