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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, is anyone working in Seoul Korea? I'm trying to speed up my work process but due to lack of resources here in Seoul, it's really hard to find alternative chemicals and glazes to buy here. Could anybody living in Seoul share some tips and helpful information...? (I'm korean but lived and studied ceramics in the States! ) Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone, I started taking pottery classes a few months ago and I wanted to buy a wheel as soon as possible, but have found the process really frustrating and complicated. I hope that there is at least one person that can help me out. I'm from Puerto Rico so the free shipping that almost every online store offers doesn't apply. * So my first question is if any of you know about good shipping options to US territories. * I called UPS and FedEx and they gave me quotes of $400 to $600!!! (For a TS Prodigy... 94 lb). Is this NORMAL??? (PR is a US territory, not international shipping) * Since I'm traveling to Florida in March, I had the idea of calling the airline to see if I could bring it as overweight baggage in the same flight with me. If I buy a model under 100lbs (Brent IE, TS Prodigy) I could totally do that and just pay a fee of $75-$100, BUT I know that they would NOT handle it with care. * The only local shop that sells wheels, just sell Speedballs... * I have asked around for a used wheel, and nothing...
  3. My name is Kristofer Hammer and I am a student of Union College in the USA, and I am applying for the Watson fellowship. This would allow me to study internationally for a year, traveling from various countries for my personal project proposal. My desire is to study Ceramics and the production of ceramics across the globe and I am hoping to not only work alongside artists, but to see how the Clay comes from the earth and into a persons hands. I was hoping that this community would be willing/able in assisting me in my dream, and might be able to provide me with any contact details of artists or art institutions in varying international countires, who may speak with me. My current countries are vast and wide but I am heavily considering Germany, Italy, France, India, China, Nigeria, Egypt, Korea, and England. I hope to hear from this amazing community and thank you for everyones time and consideration! Sincerely, Kristofer Hammer http://www.watsonfellowship.org/site/what/what.html
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