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Found 5 results

  1. Is there any scientific way of measure the plasticity and tell it in numbers ? I know the easy way by rolling out a coil and wrap around the fingers to check the plasticity in no time but I wanted to know is there any way that I can measure it and keep noted so that it can be a reference is future ...
  2. Hello everybody, I want to make a life size ceramic figure which of cource is going to be hollow on the inside. My problem is i dont have access to kiln big enough to fit the figure. Does anybody maybe have advice on how to build the figure in pieces and then after its fired still being able to put it back together so it stands by itself with no support. If you guys have any ideas I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  3. Hi to everyone. Please check my YT channel and let me know:-) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqGNbVXdITzcuqsUJaaP-mw
  4. Hello guys, My name is Talha and I am new to this forum. I like arts and crafts of all sort and am taking little bit of knowledge + practice from high school art 1 and 2 class to work on random projects. Recently I have been wanting to make a waterfall for my cat. My cat likes to drink water out of my mom's vase (made of clay) which has a money plant in it. He has a plastic waterer, but he does not use it at all. So I thought id make him a waterer with a plant in it. What clay should I use? I saw one clay at michaels and it was an air drying one. Should I go with the classic clay that needs firing? If so, how do I fire it at home? Also, It will need a glossy finish inside and out, so it can hold water (right?). Is the final piece going to be safe for the cat? are there any paints that I should use that are safer for pets or after firing it does not matter? Any input will be appreciated!! Thank you all
  5. Hi All, I received some great advice from the members of this forum for my first Raku fire and wanted so show some of the results. If fired the kiln twice, once as a test with sample items and once with my work which was more successful. The video is of the second firing (although I did upload the first to YouTube as well, I learned a lot from it). It is not very long and shows the completed work at the end. I used a combination of glazes that I prepared from recipes from the internet and books as well as some pre-mixed Laguna glazes. I made the kiln from an old Paragon kiln I found for $50 off of a site similar to Craigslist. Again thanks for the great Raku Input. Ian Cook
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