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Found 3 results

  1. I am about to move from California to Montana and I can’t glaze all my work before the move. I have been able to bisque all my work at least...which is less fragile than green ware but still fragile. What are the do’s and don’ts to packing work at this stage?!? Can I stack the work using bubble wrap? Or will the pieces get strained/cracks that will show up once glazed? Any advice would be wonderful!
  2. Afternoon everyone... On my first ever glaze firing... I somehow made a mistake with the kiln controller - set it to cone 6 gradual rise to 1200... Dwell for 30 mins...then switch off.. only after 8 hrs, the controller dutifully hit 1200 - went in to "dwell" and I thought... Phew all done. So I went home at 6.40 last night. I just went back to unload kiln...only it was still holding at 1200 C.... So I manually switched it off... My question is - what is this going to have done to my glazes / pottery? They are commercial amaco glazes, pre mixed ones... Any ideas what awaits me tomorrow when I open the door??? (Apart from a horrible electric bill this month after an 8 hr firing and an 17 hour dwell / hold....!!)
  3. I have 50 lbs of Rods Bod clay and am working with pre-schoolers. I have tons of 06 glazes. Can I bisque to cone 04 then glaze and fire to cone 06? Will the product be OK???? I'm not worrying about anyone eating off of it. BUT... am planning on making some planters with it and want to know it'll be waterproof. Will it work? Will I still get the speckled Rods bod look - which I love!!! ???
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