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Found 2 results

  1. I am being asked to make a few chalices. They do not need to be identical, in fact better if they are unique, just essentially the same size in height, width, and capacity. I know someone here makes chalices (Pres?) and others have commented but Search is not turning up much. What I am looking for is the best advice for getting started, as I am inexperienced in this kind of production. What is your experience and thoughts on whether thrown as a single piece vs. doing the stem and cup separately and then attaching? Things to look out for? Drying tips, etc. etc. I checked out a couple of videos, but there was an especially good one I saw just recently that now I can't locate--it was a well-known potter and he used various gauges, threw the stem first, put a pin hole in the closed bottom, and used a tool to pull vertical flats down the stems for interest. They were glazed a greenish blue, I think. I think he also had a chop but I just can't recall his name, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. Anyway, any comments will be appreciated! I'll be electric firing to cone 6 and using stoneware--probably the Vashon gray, tho my client wants to see samples in the black Basaltic (he says he doesn't "mind" the little bloats that may occur-I explained that throwing the stuff ups the ante on "issues" with firing and even "invisible" cracks = leaks---this should be interesting. )
  2. Because I tend consistently to throw goblet bowls too small, I decided to make just the stems and to glue on wine glass tops. I've done a little research about the best glues, but there's nothing like the voice(s) of experience to reassure me. I use E6000 for my Redneck Wine Glasses (glass to glass; no pottery involved) with a disclaimer saying "Not Dishwasher Safe" because I don't know whether the glue will withstand the dishwasher temperatures. Have any of you done the glass goblet tops to stoneware or porcelain stems and found a glue/bonding agent that you would recommend? Thanks!
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