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Found 6 results

  1. I have a fully fired sculpture of a body. I need to attach the upper torso to the lower body. Each piece is about 2.5 feet high. The pieces fit together well and with balance. Thought I could use cement and clay but was told that it would not really work. Then there is extra strength epoxy. Any knowledge of suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Hello! I hope someone with more experience out there can help me! I am making a wall hanging piece that is essentially a collage of flowers within a round frame, probably around 18 by 24 inches. I am in need of advice on the logistics of this project. I am unsure if it would be more effective to make a large slab and attach the flowers to it before firing (this option scares me!) or if I should divide the overall piece into 4 quadrants and arrange the flowers so when the pieces are put together on the wall- you cant see the seam. The other approach I was thinking of would be making individual
  3. Hi There, I'm working on some porcelain stud earrings and refrigerator magnets. What is the best glue to use to attach ceramic to non ceramic like metal and the magnets. In the past I have tried superglue, which didn't work at all and hot glue, which works but tends to pop off unpredictably on glazed pieces. I would like to be able to glue glazed ^6 porcelain. Thanks!
  4. I've tried clay slip, vinegar, slip with vinegar, and magic water to make an attachment to my sculpture. None of the bond seems strong enough to survive bouncing during the shipment. In the following examples, the lamb was attached with vinegar, and the mouse, with slip. Nevertheless, they fell off when I unpacked the sculptures at a show. Reinforcing the attachment with coil is often not feasible because of the nature of my work. Firing attachments separately and gluing them with Epoxy PC7 or PC11 the best solution for this type of problem? If possible, I would like to fire the attac
  5. Hi, we are novices who have just bought a secondhand Firecraft top-loading kiln. When it arrived, the asbestos sealing ring had come unstuck from the lid. The kiln goes up to 1300 C. What kind of glue can we use to stick it back on? T
  6. Because I tend consistently to throw goblet bowls too small, I decided to make just the stems and to glue on wine glass tops. I've done a little research about the best glues, but there's nothing like the voice(s) of experience to reassure me. I use E6000 for my Redneck Wine Glasses (glass to glass; no pottery involved) with a disclaimer saying "Not Dishwasher Safe" because I don't know whether the glue will withstand the dishwasher temperatures. Have any of you done the glass goblet tops to stoneware or porcelain stems and found a glue/bonding agent that you would recommend? Thanks!
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