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Found 3 results

  1. I have a 16 year old skutt that has worked well for along time. Recently I calculated some EPK for kiln wash. Thing have not been the same since. A lot of little bits of fire brick came off during this firing. I took the kiln a part for maintance, and fixed the various drooping elements and cleaned up the chips the larger ones I repaired with pieces of fire brick cut to fit and some kiln cement. In the last 2 glaze firings I'm ending up with little bits of what looks like fire brick on some of the surfaces. I thoroughly brushed the brick and vacuumed very gently the element recesses and the whole kiln. After the 1 st time I saw the bits on a couple pots I re cleaned and I scrubbed down and washed the bottom sides of all my shelfs and plate stackers just in case. It happened again. Any advise? has anyone else had this problem? Can any of these pots be salvaged? Thanks
  2. Please Help! I have been firing work in a cone ^10 reduction kiln and having problems with my satin black glaze, (see recipe below), coming out with a heavy 'orange peel' texture. Usually it happens on the inside of lidded items--while the outside is a beautiful smooth and metallic satin black. Recently it happened on the inside of a bunch of mugs-usual since it's not a closed form. And at times there is a 'flash' of the 'orange peel' texture on the outside of pieces. Also seems to be happening more often. See attached photo. I should mention that we are firing in a Larson fiber kiln which tends to heat up & cool down quickly. It tends to fire hot-sometime closer to ^11. We usually go into reduction either at ^08 or ^013 depending on the other glazes in the firing. We also often do a 20-30 minute soak at the end-not sure this does anything at all. Does anyone have experience with this or advice? I would love to get rid of the problem entirely but would be happy if it just went back to happening on the inside of lidded pieces. Some of the clay bodies used: B-mix, Black Mountain, Paper Clay Ivory. Have discussed at length with other studio members and thinking it may be the kiln is cooling too fast. Does anyone know a cooling phase for a firing program for an issue such as this? Any thought, ideas, solutions welcome!!! Satin Black Glaze recipe: custer feldspar 1500 Kona F-4 spar 1500 whiting 150 dolomite 1125 silica 1500 ball clay 750 talc 975 bentonite 150 cobalt carb 225 red iron oxide 225 manganese dioxide 150 chrome oxide 150 Many thanks for any help! Len
  3. hello everybody! I have tried the Copper-chrome green glaze from Linda Bloomfield book "Colors in glaze" and had 2 problems that probably are connected one ti the other. Here the glaze receipe (cone 04) High alcaline frit 75 China clay 15 Flint 10 + copper oxide 1,5 + chromium oxide 0,4 I post some pictures to better understand, but basically, the pot came out of the kiln in good shape, but after 5 or 6 days small white stains appeared on the surface. Those stains disappear if washed with water, but reapper later. The other problem is that there is a kind of dirty ring between glaze and clay, like if it was wet. This problem you can see in the picture that shows the bottom of the pot. Do you have any idea about the cause of those problems? Maybe the receipe contains to much flux? Sorry of the bad quality of images... Thanks a lot! Paola
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