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Found 2 results

  1. Ok! So here’s my problem and I’d much appreciate any feedback from you amazing potters out there! i have made a set of plates for a client who specified ferric chloride raku firing. They are totally food safe having been thoroughly sprayed with Liquid Quartz (a fantastic food safe sealant readily available here in Australia). Now the client would like “a more smooth glazed finish” (understandably) on the eating surface so I’m wondering if I can re-fire them (or make a new set) to a low temperature with a clear gloss glaze without affecting the ferric chloride “glaze” got in the raku - only fired to 750 Celsius. Is there any low low low fire glaze that I can fire over the top that will be under 750 so won’t burn the ferric chloride off???
  2. Someone with more experience please help! I was given a very old electric kiln, there is a peep hole but no kiln setter so I am doing my best to control the temperature with the low,med,high switches. I have been firing with a cone 06, my bisque fire came out perfect, but when I did the glaze fire (using speedball low fire glazes) they were basically clear. I thought maybe I just didn't put enough on so I refired everything with another layer of glaze and they came out even worse. They are no glossy, very transparent, and rough in texture. I saw somewhere on here that if the temperature wasn't hot enough the glaze can come out rough but my cone was just starting to slump when I turned the kiln off to slowly reduce heat. I don't think my gifts will be done in time for Christmas anymore but I'm afraid to completely ruin everything I make with this glazing issue! Hopefully someone can help!
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