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Found 3 results

  1. aarrgghhh...I typed my whole spiel and the dang thing timed out and erased it all. OK-seeking a simple starter lesson on the sequence of greenware/bisque/mature fired AND with the proper sequence of underglaze and glaze relative to the firing sequence...not clear on the fit of the cone of the body and the cone of the glaze when it comes to the variables. I have read, watched videos, read more, and read again...but something is twitching in my brain to the point that I am just not "getting it" and not retaining any simple steps of what to do when. I have zip experience with commercial glazes. I had worked with cone 10 studio-made bodies, gas-fired, and sometimes, not that often, with high-fire studio-made glazes, generally very earthy, not a color palette as with commercial products. So I have no clue about low-fire underglazes and mid-fire bodies, for example. Also wondering if I can take an unglazed piece fired to cone 9 and glaze with a cone 6 glaze and re-fire at cone 6? Please do not leave me with just "test-test-test". I absolutely cannot afford to expend my precious and limited supplies/materials experimenting just to get to a basic starting point. Thanks in advance.
  2. I put a coat of glaze on a pot last weekend. This weekend I went back to finish glazing. I dipped the same pot into another glaze. The second coat cracked and peeled off in chunks. It happened on 2 pots, same glazes. On one, i lightly tapped and brushed the loose glaze with a brush, then dabbed glaze back on with the brush. - On the other, since is was more of a flat piece, I left it like that. I'm hoping it will still melt as I want it to even though it's cracked and not adhering to the first layer of glaze. I wonder if the first coat (dipped a week ago) got so dry the new glaze couldn't adhere. Other glazes adhered to the same first coat from last week though. So it might be just the two glazes don't work well together. Does anyone have advice for me? Thanks
  3. can anyone recommend a compressor for spraying glazes. a smaller size and less expensive. thanks yawl
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