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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. I want to make a mould for an angular bowl. I have attached a sample picture taken from the internet. I wanted to understand how many parts are needed when making a mould, not necessarily for this bowl but for any other ware. some are 2 parts and some go uptown 4 parts, but how to decide how many parts are needed and why they are needed. Thanks a lot.
  2. In the summer purchased a mug from an artist I follow on Instagram. Her work is incredible and I simply couldn't resist! She fires in a gas kiln and uses white matte glaze inside and out and also sprinkles pigments (I think) on top of the glaze. The effect is absolutely beautiful, the forms are organic, I can go on and on. But... After only a few uses I took her mug out of the dishwasher once and made myself another cup of tea (not a coffee drinker here), and my tea tasted like dish water. I looked inside and realized that the entire inside surface is crazed/ Probably the outside, too, but I can see the crazing clearly inside probably because the tea stained it. As a beginner potter who is only starting to mix my own glazes, I go out of my way to prevent crazing on my functional wares. I don't know if this artist is aware of what happens with the pots she sells and I've been mulling over reaching out and letting her know. I won't ask for my money back (although it would be nice, the mug was expensive and I can't use it anymore ), but should I tell her that there's a problem and she may not be aware of it?
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