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Found 2 results

  1. Misty Gamble: Focus on the Face Misty Gamble will direct this two-day, hands-on ceramic sculpture workshop. Students will learn basic anatomical construction and proportion of the face, including facial features and hair. The participants will create a life size mask that operates as a vehicle for telling a story with a personal meaning. Participants will learn approaches to both academic/idealized and expressive facial construction. The focus of the workshop will not be on anatomical ‘correctness’, but rather on gesture, proportion. Misty will lead discussions on where ideas come from, and how to cultivate the expression of particular themes in your work. Misty will also discuss how she references popular culture and visual metaphors to provide context and meaning. Bring an idea or personal theme that you would like to incorporate into your face. This theme can be literal or intuitive. It can be rendered realistically or metaphorically. Come with drawings, pictures or just ideas! No previous clay experience is necessary. WS01 – Saturday & Sunday, 10:00am – 4:00pm, June 29 & 30, 2019 Fee: $200 member, $220 non-member Bio Misty Gamble’s work is inspired by the human figure and its infinite capacity for communication. This makes sense given that, as a child, Misty was immersed in her father’s world of puppetry and the performing arts. Traveling to many parts of the world as a young girl and later as an adult has also made an indelible impact on her life and work. In 1998, Misty was invited to be the first American to perform in Iran (since 1979) at the 7th International Puppet Festival in Tehran. Misty’s current work, life-size ceramic figurative sculptures and installations of multiple figurative fragments, focuses attention on issues surrounding femininity and challenges conventional standards of morality, normalcy and propriety. Misty is the recipient of a number of honors including awards from the Martin Wong Foundation, National Conference for the Education of Creamics Arts and the Ellice T. Johnston Foundation. In 2008, she received an artist grant from the Ruth Chenven Foundation and was honored as a Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist. Misty has been awarded long-term residencies at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, where she earned the Howard Kottler Fellowship, and the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Additionally, Gamble was invited to lead and Artist-Invite Artists Residency at Watershed and was an invited artist at Project Art in Cummington, Massachusetts. In 2014, Gamble was an invited artist at C.R.E.T.A. Rome and has continued to study or teach in Italy since 2013. Gamble is the co-founder of Studio Nong: International Sculpture collective and residency program which travels to China (2013-2016) and Europe to accomplish residencies with a clay figurative sculpture concentration.
  2. Awwwww, I am a day late. So sorry. Life got in the way big time... We have (happy dance!) another great question from Glazenerd for the coming week. A real challenge! Get ready for a surprise. Here is what Nerd has for you: "Potters are a creative bunch, always expressing themselves in the pieces they make. Perhaps it is time to use words to express the art we make. QOTW: Write one stanza or an entire poem centered on any aspect of the clay arts" Did I promise too much? A challenge indeed. My pencil is sharp, now how to start a clay poem.... Hmmmm.... How about you all? Are you already writing away? Nerd did, and that's what he sent me (it is rhymed to "Twas the Night before Christmas"!... and it has to be finished still....) Here goes: The Kiln Song Twas the night of the firing, And all through the studio, Willemite was growing, Even though it is pseudo. When up through the controller, The temps they did climb, Even though my old elements, Laid over like dimes. On copper, on cobalt, on ZNO, For tomorrow after is the art show, On titanium, on silica and mango, No time for reduction on this load. ...... ......
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