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Found 2 results

  1. have inherited a Gare Kiln Model # 1210 Serial # 10.7.84 hertz 60 volts 240 watts 3120 Amperes 13 inf phase single and I need your help pricing it. It’s better than used condition but not new. I would say used 5 times total and has the stand, all working parts, etc. I have someone wanting to buy it, but I can’t find any information online to compare too. Please help your girl out!
  2. Hi everyone I am wondering if anyone has experience using these trimming devices or owns them and gave give me opinions and advice. Griffin Grip A while ago I was able to try the Griffin Grip and thought it was very handy-- especially because I was having difficulty trimming a new clay I am working with. And, it seems like a good way to speed things up with centering pieces for trimming. I liked how all the grips move together. Bailey Quick Trim The Bailey grips seem to move independently-- and I can see pluses and minuses to this. It would be advantageous when you want to trim something that is not circular at the top-- however, having to adjust all 4 grips seems like it would be more time consuming. Of course the cost difference it certainly a factor too. So, my questions are: Have you tried either or both of these and what are your opinions of them? Do you own one of them? If so, how did you choose? Are there any other helpful tools for trimming that you would recommend that will make things easier? Thanks for any advice you can give. Cheers, Amy
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