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Found 5 results

  1. I have a problem, I work with a red clay that has a cooking temperature of 950 to 1000, now how do I make a slip for it? I do not find any clay that is this degree of baking and is white
  2. hi team - hopefully someone can help ive tried 3 different engobe recipes and am mixing in green stain (in a water and stain mix) . Unfortunately it keeps coming out with white splotches . The wet ingredients look oily in each as well. I have added cmc gum but that hasn’t helped. Is dispex an idea? Thanks in advance
  3. Can Amaco Engobes SE-701 Natural Black ( or red or green) be mixed with raw wet grey clay to color it, be slab formed wet, then dried, then bisque fired to cone 05?
  4. If someone could please help me by simplifying the differences for me between “ slip , engobes and underglazes “ I use both porcelain and stoneware . And fire in an electric kiln 1) Slip is used mixing same clay body with stain and water . And applied to leatherhard only . (what other are ingredients could be used in stains for different surface effects ?) 2) Engobes are used only on leatherhard (?) 3)Underglazes can be used both on leatherhard and bisque (?) . Thank you so much Nicky
  5. Hi ...... Have some porcelaine cups that have reached the bone dry stage .Am wondering if I can still use engobes or slip on them before bisque firing ? Also can engobes or slip be used on bisque ware ? and then does one glaze as usual ? Thankyou Nicky
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