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Found 6 results

  1. I'm moving from a community studio to a studio in my garage and I'm planning on purchasing a large kiln, however I bought a small used Skutt 614 (it's tiny) off craigslist so that I could gain some experience with kilns before making the leap to an expensive larger kiln. My problem - once I got this used little Skutt home I see that the previous owner had twisted one of the electric prongs on the plugs to make it a 110v. Tt looks like the plug is compatible with 115v.) It appears that they twisted one of the prongs 90 degrees. I've been speaking to electricians about rewiring this litt
  2. Hello! Im slowly building a home studio and am ready to add a kiln. Is there anyone in Los Angeles who has an electrician they would recommend? Thanks!!
  3. I recently ordered this kiln: http://www.bigceramicstore.com/cress-bt711h-kiln.html, thinking I could upgrade the breaker from 15 to 20 amp (outside GFCI outlet on a covered porch), only to find out the wiring to the outlet is 14 gauge and would need to be 12 to handle 20 amps. They recommend 20 amps for this kiln but it doesn't say it's required. I also have a Paragon Fusion 7 Glass kiln and have used this outlet going to max temp. (1700 deg.) for pot melts many times with no problems. I usually fire my glass overnight with nothing else running and would do the same with ceramics in the Cress
  4. Hi, Had a bit of a scare on the weekend. I have a Paragon Model LT-3K kiln, and have run it for three years without much issue. I was firing cone 06 on the weekend and was moving the top temperature dial from 1 to 2 and I saw a flash on the top side of the kiln while adjusting the knob. I looked into the kiln as the lid was notched open at this point and the top element was on. I called my local Paragon dealer and they asked if I had vacuumed the coil channels recently, and I replied no. She said sometimes if a bit of glaze gets in there it can create a small arc. She said if the
  5. I live in Los Angeles, I've just started renting my very own studio in a commercial space, and I need to find an electrician to do some upgrades to include installation of a new electric kiln (either Skutt or L&L, my first kiln, and I've never even fired a kiln yet!!) I've already heard and read more about the myriad nightmares that can come from a bad electrical job than is good for my mental health. Even done by a licensed electrician, when they don't understand the extreme requirements of a kiln! (has anyone seen the instagram pics of @lyonclay's kiln meltdown?) I plan to avoid that
  6. I fired (04) my kiln last night (Skutt KS Manual) and everything went fine. It did cut off at the appropriate time, BUT the sitter switch did not fall. (Which is weird.) The timer still had 3 hours left and the breaker was not blown. When I tried to test and see if the kiln could be turned back on this morning, it won't respond at all. No lights, no noise, nothing. I just put new elements in the kiln in the fall. I don't know a lot about the electrical or "how it works" of kilns, so anyone with ideas or advice will be a great help and much appreciated. Thank You!
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