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Found 4 results

  1. Good day to you all I am in my Italian studio, with a very bad behaving Internet connection, but with otherwise beautiful weather and sunshine from morning to evening My guest for the coming week is Mark C. He reflected on the past. We all are, in the present, potters, but we maybe had other occupations or passions in the past. Or still? Maybe we have skills that have nothing to do with pottery? Mark asks us: Many potters are jacks of all trades - how about you? What other things beside clay have you mastered? Have a great week everybody! Evelyne and Mark
  2. Not everybody has the money or the time to travel to workshops or courses. Our member (and famous ceramist) Antoinette Badenhorst started to do e-courses a while ago, to give people the opportunity to attend her courses without having to travel. This is her latest Ad regarding a course that will start soon: http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/13203-new-porcelain-online-classes-are-open-for-registration/?do=findComment&comment=96998 Do you already have experience in being an online-student? What do you think about online classes? Do you have questions for Antoinette before jumping into one of her very interesting online courses? Have a happy week everybody! Evelyne
  3. At NCECA 2015 I was so thrilled to see so many really good works made by the K12 children and young people. And I was (positively) stunned to see how much support they get in school. Here in Switzerland school children have no possibility to learn about art in school, and all they do in clay is maybe a hotpad for aunt XYZ for Christmas. I for one think it absolutely necessary to lead children and young people to art works (visits to museums and galleries for example) and encourage them to try to do "art" themselves. What is your opinion? Evelyne
  4. You know, I always wanted to become an archeologist, but my parents didn't have the money to let us children study. When I had my own money, I studied music instead.... And now that I finally do what is my hearts passion, make ceramics, I often feel like an archeologist, working with carving instruments, with brushes and tiny tools... What about you: What would YOU have wished to become if not a potter? Evelyne
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