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Found 1 result

  1. Hello community, first post, looking for help. Got an old Skutt kilnsetter model 231 (electric) kiln donated to me. Specs for the kiln are single phase 240volt pulling 47AMP. The electricians who ran the line apparently only installed 40amp breakers which I am working to fix, the kiln constantly trips the breaker when going to high on all 3 knobs. I just bought the envirovent downdraft vent kit for the kiln, but since this thing is older than I am, I am worried it will be pulling air in from all the gaps in each section - (base to section 1 aka low section, section 1-2, 2-3, and 3-lid). I blame this intelligent community for my paranoia because until recently I had been keeping only 1 peep hole open on firings but a recent glazed bisque firing yielded a bunch of what looked like burnt pieces and it was devastating. There was post about oxidation kilns and how I should be firing greenware with all peep holes open and the lid propped by ceramic fiber blanket until I reach 1700F. This took a lot longer, especially with me running down to breaker to reset (wrong amperage breaker, will fix) but in order to increase efficiency I want to seal each gap with blanket on the outside, was thinking of buying more fiber blanket, cutting strips 3-4 inches wide, and wrapping around the kiln so the downdraft vent can successfully pull air in through the top. Or wrapping around most of outside except manual dial area. I don't have actual peep hole plugs so I made some out of clay, which I would keep in place and figure out some way to insulate those with blanket too. Is this necessary? I read some forum where there was a comment made about the blanket causing issues for the steel wrapping around the firebrick which I would be covering and I dont want to cause more issues. I also have some kiln cement I could mix in and attempt to spackle in each gap but I already know this wont stay, seal, or work well. chemical hazard with the kiln cement as well, not ideal. The kiln and its firebrick is in ok condition, I think the kiln is 30 years old, but the small gaps will very likely reduce effectiveness of the drilled holes. I'm worried I'll do all this work installing the vent, and when I hold a flame to the lid holes I drilled, it won't suck it in much. Also, being an engineer I like the idea of insulating the outside of the kiln if there aren't many risks associated with this. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS!
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