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Found 2 results

  1. I am 20 and have had my own studio for 1year and 6months. From the beginning I purchased a kick wheel from my potter teacher in high school. Then purchased a 1990's cress turbo fire electric kiln for a extreme price(now I know). Used scholarship money to purchase slab roller and coil extruder(should have saved my money). Then purchased a an electric wheel. Learned many things in every aspect of ceramics. Soon discovered the beauty of gas fired wares. Purchased three more small electric kilns for less than the first one. Converted them to gas, worked poorly. Purchased a 1950's 12 cubic feet gas kiln with a lot of damage( I was so exited I had to have it). First firing 1900 degrees with flames coming out of every crack and hole. Spent a fare amount of money on bricks, motor, and fiber. Replaced front wall, door, and lined with fiber. Next firing 1300 F stall out after 18hours. Second 25hours stall at 1850. Fourth firing stuck in the 1800's unable to exceed 1890, it seems this is a dis-functional kiln, will continue the strive for completed firing. So when unable to produce wares is rough on the mind and body when working day and night(as you may know?). When it is your source of income, yet unable to prevail due to many small set backs you become trapped by your work and wont stop until your work is complete. Does anyone know of ways they would search for assistance financially if in my position? Maybe you have had a similar experience to share? Anything helps. Appreciate all help. Enjoy
  2. I am frequently asked to donate my pottery to various charities. I was recently sent a letter on expensive paper, asking me to donate some work to our city gallery. I have now received a nice email from same director. I also get asked to give to the Folk Arts Council, which promotes local traditional dance. I also donate to the Manitoba Crafts Council. I do not donate to the annual Women's Golf Tournament. Where do you draw the line? How much do you give? Do you see a benefit in promoting your work, or are you just a kind person? TJR.
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