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Found 5 results

  1. I have a E-23 electric Cress kiln that stopped firing at a certain temp (1500) I did the paper test on my elements and discovered that the top two, middle two and bottom two are not heating up (all others in between heated up) I was able to do a bisque firing without fail but it stopped firing approx 1500 degrees with the E-1 error. Here is the link to the diagram if it helps- https://3fs7rd1xi6sy2zofjv3g0a0q-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/E23ES23ET23ETS23-208-240-VAC.pdf Thanks so much - I have several orders I am trying to complete and could really use some expert advice here Teri
  2. Hello! Newbie here who just did her first bisque fire ever. I have a Cress FX23p kiln with a kiln sitter. The commercial glaze that I have purchased says to apply to 04 bisqueware and then fire to cone 5 or 6. So I set my kiln sitter up with a 04 junior cone, loaded up my greenware (after much arranging and rearranging of furniture) and witness cones, and fired her up! I've attached a photo of the witness cones from the top and middle shelves (my kiln only has 2 peep holes so I did not place any on the bottom shelf since I wouldn't be able to view them). I had a brain fart when lining the cones up, so from left to right its top shelf 05, 04, 03, and then bottom shelf 05, 04, 03. I realized after the fact that I should have lined them up 03, 04, 05. Worried that the 04 witness cone did not bend far enough, I did some research and found that perhaps I should have used a 03 junior cone as the junior cone will bend quicker than the witness due to the gravity of the actuating rod. The pieces came out looking like bisqueware of course but I am worried about applying the commercial glaze since it calls for it to be applied to 04 bisqueware. Should I go ahead and apply the glaze anyway? Thank you in advance!! Let me know if you need more info provided.
  3. Hello - new to this community but excited to learn and hopefully contribute. The time has come to pick up my own Kiln! im considering this cress fx23. I emailed the manufacturer and they confirmed that it was built in January 1991. the inside is in pretty solid condition and looks like it was only ever fired a few times. what do you think this kiln is worth? TY
  4. I'm trying to find more information on this kiln. I'm trying it out, some lady on offerup said i can test it to make sure it's good and running but that the last time she used it it was fine. She said it goes up to a cone 3 but I just want to know if anyone else knows anything and can help me out....been wanting a kiln to start my business and this was a good deal/not insanely big. Please let me know if anyone can help, cant upload photos because it says that the file is too large. I'll make a file on google and attach that
  5. I need the help of people who understand this brand of controller and explain it in non-tech terms. I got a used Cress Kiln and it has one on there and I have no idea how to make it do what I need it to do. I mostly am only firing my ceramics to cone 06 and cone 6. I have not needed to run my own kiln before Corona but with my normal places I would fire all closed temporarily I have no options. I am a student and I have to get several pieces done for my next round of critiques. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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