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Found 2 results

  1. We have seen a lot of discussion over the years about throwing larger, developing more texture, breaking out of slumps, becoming more creative. I was wondering how you prepare for doing something new, or returning to something you have not done for a while. I have been reading a fantasy novel lately where the character is constantly trying to improve his strengths by doing a little more "exercise" each day. I find that when I am trying to throw larger, especially of late , I try working with larger and larger amounts of clay over a series of weeks til I get to the point that I am throwing at a limit, then I push for a little bit more. The same goes with shaping(inflating) the form. Larger forms have a tendency to be standard columns with some shaping for the belly, shoulder and neck, but I try to inflate the forms more past what I am used to by careful working of the form to get a much larger diameter even though that causes a loss of height and sometimes collapses completely. There are other examples of how to "stretch your muscles" what do you do?
  2. I am willing to suggest that most of us in the CAC forum can label ourselves as something like "morning people", "afternoon people" or "night owls" (with a sprinkling of sub-categories like "Post-2nd-mug-of-coffee-people"). Can you associate better times of the day for creativity (or creative energy) and different times of the day when the focus shifts to producing? I am not attempting to fully separate the two...being creative and productive are not mutually exclusive by any means. But has your personal body-clock identified times of the day when you are most creative and times of the day when you are better at cranking things out? I'll go first (stands, faces the group seated around the virtual forum table, lights candle, and speaks): I am a morning person...(3:30am riser/coffee drinker...don't hate me). I am most creative until around lunchtime (best writing, drawing, jingle arranging, problem solving, etc.). By 2:00pm, I need to be doing something with my hands (being productive) because the creative fuel starts running lower. What does your personal body clock tell you?
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