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Found 6 results

  1. I wonder if anyone can tell me how on earth I am going to get this apprised as a true object made by Shoji Hamada. Here in Sweden, items were sold in 1950 s and 60 s. But the woman in the store threw away the wooden boxes with signature and as they aren't signed, What do I do? There was another one sold on Bukowskis auctions in Stockholm back in 2012 almost the same paint job and all. But in order to get provenance in this case is difficult as I bought it at a flea market. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Best regards Leon Rhodin in Stockholm Sweden.
  2. As I consider how I am going to 'improve my pottery' this year, I consider purchasing an oxygen sensor, however the price is a BIG consideration. I fire an Olympic torchbearer, an updraft kiln, using LP to cone 10. For the past 6 years I have used a sensor made from a Bosch auto sensor (Roger Graham directions). It has allowed me to get reduction in my kiln but it is spotty and I feel I have little or no control over it. I realize that weather conditions play a huge part in a successful firing and I am wondering if the cost of the new sensor will be justified thru better LP usage, more eve
  3. My firing buddy. Steve, just came back from holiday in the states. He purchased one advancer kiln shelf for $300.00 Canadian from Minnesota clay. We would like to purchase about 20 more but can't afford this exorbitant cost. Where do you buy your shelves? Can we go directly to the manufacturer. There is a rumour that these shelves come from India. I have no idea where to get a cheap price. Thanks.
  4. Hello! I am a ceramicist working in Canada and selling to retailers in the US. I have found that when shipping large quantities of work (around 20 objects) to the US, my customers get charged with an FDA fee- this fee was applied only to the objects that fall under the food-use category (to protect against import of food-use pottery that contains cadmium or lead). Any thoughts on how to work around this fee? Thanks in advance.
  5. We have recently started a group studio and it was easy to split costs when 2-3 main people shared the kiln space evenly. We split the propane costs for the kiln, and the electric kiln for bisque shows the amount of electricity used. Supplies and maintenance costs are split too. But we are trying to figure out a formula for the future when more people get involved and there are different quantities of work being produced. The core members of the group order the materials, mix all the glazes, grind all the shelves, load and unload the kiln, keep the studio clean, etc. If a person wants to f
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