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Found 1 result

  1. Right all you skilled artisan's Firstly thanks in advance for your shared knowledge and ideas. Right to it then shale we So I have a new to me kiln make model unknown age unknown. It was free to me so i spent a few coins to refurbish it to usable status. This is a reduction kiln 220 volt 3 elements three manual controllers rated to cone 6. very simple to use. Any ways it is my second use of the kiln, first was to cone 4 and it took a similar amount of time to achieve this as my cress does. +/- 4 hours till the sitter trips once i reach 100% energy usage on the manual dials. The Cress has served me well for 20 years with and I'm extremely familiar with all its little quirks. Cone 4 takes four hours cone 6 takes Six. This new one is similar in cone 4 firing but the just fired cone six is an epic fail. So that's the back story. The new kiln was run in the same manner as the cress and at 100% energy usage on all three dials I start my timer. After ten hours there still was no sign of it shutting down so I manually tripped the sitter. Let it cool over the next day and looked in toady. What I found is a confusion to me. below are a few shots of what i found and maybe with the skill of a billion eyes and minds some one can shed light on it. First question I have is - do cones have an expiry date? Sounds dumb but if i don't ask......... See in the foto it did not even droop a little. not one bit. That seems odd to me. Second do we see glazes under fired or over fired? If question one is a yes then maybe it was to old a cone and i may as well have used a nail for a cone. Or is it under fired and after ten hours at 100% they still had not achieved temperatures needed for cone 6 firing. Ive also noted that the shinier bowl is lower down in the kiln to the other four so maybe this is indicating element temperature variants between the three coils. Hmmmmm One last thing of note, I'm from the north and the temperature outside the Kilns was a balmy -25 C (-11.2 f for my southern brothers and sisters). This has never bothered my Cress before but may be this too is a factor on timing. So that's my story today, Thanks again for your ideas Cone unbent and four bowls
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