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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am a high school ceramics teacher and I am looking to mix a range of ^6 glazes for my high school ceramics studio. I am looking for glazes that are stable, consistent, and most importantly, do not run easily (to keep those kiln shelves clean!). I would like to have a range of glossy, matte, opaque, and translucent glazes. I am hoping to have around six-eight glazes that I can have in dipping buckets in my high school studio. We do not have a sprayer, so I would like to use glazes that look good brushed or dipped. I would like for the glazes to look good when layered together and also by themselves. I have a background of mixing glazes, but am newer to using ^6 glazes and do not have a personal selection that I have tested. I have been researching trusted sources such as Glazy.org and Digitalfire.com and have found some interesting recipes but it would be very helpful to hear from some people that already have a good range of glazes that work well together in a beginner ceramics environment. Would anyone be willing to share some ^6 studio glazes that meet what I mentioned above? I have read through many of these community posts and they have always been so helpful. Thanks in advance for any help or advice that can be offered. Caroline Ennis
  2. I'm a beginner potter and I've tried wood firing pottery outdoors because an electric kiln is not very accessible for me. My small kiln is about a bit bigger than 2'x2'x2' and made from regular red bricks with a regular grill grate halfway to place pottery. As you can probably tell, it has terrible insulation and I can never get it to a high enough temp to fire glazed pottery. I can bisque fire and it works but It never gets hot enough to melt glaze, even the low fire glazes I use. I really don't want to ditch this project because I've already put so much time and material into it but I don't have the time/material to build a much bigger kiln or spend days firing. I also don't have a huge budget. What fairly inexpensive materials I can use to insulate my small kiln so that it can comfortably reach cone 06 and complete a glaze firing? I've looked into getting ceramic fiber board to line the inside of the kiln with, fire bricks are very expensive and probably out of my price range. Any advise from someone with more experience in this field would be very appreciated, Thank you!
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