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Found 3 results

  1. I want to make a series of porcelain door knobs. At first, I thought I could slip cast a prototype -- but I'm having trouble figuring out how to fasten the knob to a spindle without glue. Another option would be to reglaze plain white porcelain knobs from Home Depot. Does anyone have experience with making ceramic door knobs? I've seen lots of threaded inserts for making cabinet knobs accept screws, but only one source for door knobs and it's $15 for just one piece! I looked into all kinds of hardware but can't find anything to match a door knob spindle, which is normally 9/32" with 20 threads per inch. If I try reglazing the commercial knobs, would it help to rough them up with sandpaper first? I understand that reglazing is unpredictable, but it sounds like a cone 4 - cone 6 would be safe. My last resort would be to use Pebeo paints and forgo glazing altogether -- but I much prefer the look and durability of ceramics glazes....
  2. Hi, Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I have a background of fusing glass so, other than in school, I am pretty dumb when it comes to ceramics. I want to make a clock out of a Bopla plate. I know I could get stick on letters, (or some sort of permanent paint?) for the clock face. I think it would look much more professional if I could re-fire it with the clock face numbers. I have used fired on decals on fused glass before. Is it possible to re-fire commercial porcelain without any loss to the design. The decals I have fired onto glass fire at around 1000 degrees. I don't know temps for ceramic decals though. This is for a Christmas present. Thanks, Dave Kingman P.S. If this is possible, I would appreciate finding a source for ceramic decal numbers 1-12. The place I used before required an image file and was pretty expensive.
  3. Hi all, Standing in a thrift shop staring at a pile of white hotel/commercial tableware and thinking of Duchamp. Makers marks showed predominantly porcelain from England, Australia, Japan, German, India, some European, a squillion Chinese.....and some completely unbranded ones amoung the makes. Some 'new' bonechina (Chinese or Thai I would think) and a smattering of earthenware. Usually in industry bonechina is high bisque/ low glaze fired, porcelain high fired and earthenware low fired....but are they??? Bought 6 dinnerplates reglazed 2 in a commercial e/w glaze as the first test pieces, fired to ^03, opened the kiln this morning........and found they were truly ghastly!! Has anyone tried this 'ready mades' approach before and could give me their expert success tips before I deface the other 4 'victims'? ta, Irene
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