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Found 2 results

  1. hello all hope everyone is safe and doing well in these difficult times! i have just joined this community and was hoping you all would be able to help me out. i normally throw on a wheel (where i go take classes) and have been doing so for about a year. i signed up for a membership at a pottery studio because i would love to pursue a career in ceramics. and then this quarantine happened. Sooo, i was maybe hoping to order some clay online and coil build some dinnerware or hand build random figurines. -Do i need a wedging table in order to do this? - how would i go about recycling my clay, should i just dump everything and let it dry out? i am unsure of how to upkeep and maintain things due to the fact i took classes and the teacher would handle all of the hands on stuff. any tips and advice on how i should go about all this would be immensely helpful! thanks in advance :))
  2. I've been trying for months now to make a successful octopus that the tentacles won't break on! I'm starting to think I can't! I'm make the tentacles with clay coils and add details. However, when it starts to dry, the tentacles start to raise up. They don't break...but me trying to readjust them or press them back down breaks them. I feel like an octopus is going to look DUMB with his legs in the air!! So here's what I'm doing right now: I've got his body uncovered (so it will dry out...the tentacles are thinner and always dry out fast) and his legs have been misted with water and have a plastic bag draped across them. For weight to counter the rising tentacles, I've laid a cotton t-shirt on top of that. I keep checking and misting...but this seems like a never ending cycle. How do I keep these legs from dring and raising up?!?!
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