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Found 1 result

  1. I am teaching ceramics after a long hiatus of not even touching clay. I am using the clay body the studio has used for years. The previous instructor retired and went off grid. I was handed a written recipe, but also told that a bucket was the primary method for measuring. Someone went through and drew "lines" at the levels where the ingredients are supposed to measure up to. I am skeptical about this as The grapevine tells me that the previous person eye-balled the recipe all the time and adjusted recipes frequently without being clear about what was done. When we mix this recipe, it seems overly dry and we have to add more water (this is when using the marked bucket method). I also notice that throwing seems really difficult. It seems stiff and does not want to move or even collapses on itself. I am pretty certain something is not right. We bisque at 04 and glaze at 6-7. When we use the bucket method, this is what it looks like. I realize this is incredibly unscientific and unreliable. The levels here are approximate, but any thoughts? __________________________ Top of bucket __________________________ Om4 _________________________ 6 Tile _________________________ Neph Sy _________________________ Flint _________________________ Hawthorne ________________________ Grog ________________________ Bottom of the bucket This is what the written recipe looks like: Hawthorne 10 6 tile 20 Om4 20 Neph Sy 25 Flint 20 Grog 5 First, does anything look odd here in relation to ratios? I know weight and volume are different, but something is off. Last, I know the grog we are using is 30 mesh. It seems really chunky. Should we switch to something smaller? Thanks for any help you can provide!
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