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Found 14 results

  1. All Things Spring with Colette Clark May 15th and May 22nd 10 am – 1 pm Levels: All Students will learn the technique of appliqued flowers and leaves to ceramic vases, which will be covered on day one of the workshop. The second class will be all about glazing. Students can expect to receive 2 green-ware vases to work with during the class. Tuition: $150 Member$200 Non-Member Visit the Bascom website for further information and registration
  2. Creative Hand Building with Custom Texture With Amy Sanders October 11th – 13th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: Some Experience Helpful Working with low-fire earthenware, this workshop will mainly focus on soft slab construction while considering how stamped patterns enhance the surface. Participants will make several personal mark-making and texturing tools to use in their own work; as well as create a variety of forms, including a vase, an altered slab cup, and wall piece. Emphasis in instruction will also be placed on successfully resolving feet, r
  3. Gestural Throwing/Atmospheric Effects for Electric with Steven Hill September 30th – October 5th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All This workshop is structured for the potter with basic throwing skills, who would like to make relaxed forms that feel more gestural. We will start with drinking vessels and bowls before moving on to larger and slightly more complex forms. When glazing Steven will address ways to achieve the kind of richness and surface variation in electric kilns that potters have come to associate with reduction firing. The goal is not t
  4. Traditional Techniques & Contemporary Practice: Pottery Pattern with Stamped & Painted Imagery with Michael Kline September 27th – 29th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: Some experience necessary In this 3 day workshop Michael Kline will demonstrate his surface design methods of stamped and carved inlay as well as hand painted patterns in wax resist. Michael will throw a variety of his forms and discuss his array of surface strategies. Participants will gain insights from the demonstrations into how they may use tradition
  5. Pushing the Surface of the Clay with Lora Rust September 13th – 15th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All Lora throws a variety of porcelain forms, altering and decorating, using her signature technique and personally designed tools. She explores ideas about design, pattern, and composition, and discusses relationships of surface texture to the form. She demonstrates a variety of glazing and finishing techniques to maximize surface texture. Using Lora’s signature tools, students learn and practice her technique on sample tiles and their own leather-h
  6. Saints and Sorcerers with Colette Clark September 3rd and 10th 10 am – 1 pm Levels: All Create a Garden Saint or Sorcerer in this 2 day workshop. September 3rd: Build your figure complete with accessories, ie. Brooms, shovels, hats and furry friends! September 10th: One week later, glaze your creation and leave it to be fired. Tuition: $150 Member $200 Non-Member Visit the Bascom website for further information and registration
  7. Sculpting Animals: Going Vertical with Christine Kosiba August 23rd – August 25th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All Taking your work vertical can add drama and interest. This workshop will focus on sculpting animals and “totem” pieces that will be stacked together on an armature. Demonstration and technical instruction related to various hand building techniques will be provided as participants create their own animal sculptures and related “totem pieces.” Time will be spent exploring surface treatments and finishing techniques. There will also be discussion and demonst
  8. Thrown and Altered: Expressing Your Surface with Jen Mecca August 2nd – 4th 10am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All In this workshop, students will explore taking a thrown vessel and manipulating it in various ways. We will work together to brain-storm how to come up with our own voice, aesthetic and what embellishment or surface makes our work unique. Through demonstrations and hands-on participation you will learn a variety of surface techniques such as stamping, Mishima, paper resist and sprig molds. Tuition: $300 Member
  9. Bold Pots with Shadow May July 12th – 14th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All Whether you are a beginner or the most advanced clay artist, this workshop will give you a new perspective on how to approach clay. In this workshop, we will discuss both slab building and potter’s wheel methods for making forms to alter to reveal a unique, fresh look in your work. Bold, Organic, and Fresh are the three main themes we will use to create a sophisticated look. We will also discuss wood/soda firing techniques and how to achieve those in an electric firing. Tuition: $300
  10. Slippin and Slabbin with Sang Roberson June 24th – June 28th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All The focus of this workshop will be making forms in low-fire clays including terra cotta, paper clay and commercial slip. I teach slab and coil construction with slip trailing techniques for making boxes, vessels and wall pieces. We fire first in electric kilns then pit-fire using different methods of firing. We will also experiment with pre and post pit firing techniques. Mason stains & minerals will be added to terra sigillata to create the color palettes for t
  11. Face Jug with Colette Clark June 5th 10 am – Noon Levels: All Students will learn how to create a Face Jug using pictures or resource material as a guide. Faces can be animal or human, scary or weird, or an imitation of the old timey Face Jugs. Students will be given one small vase to work on for the class. Extra vases can be purchased with advance notice. Students will pick a glaze at the end of the class for the instructor to glaze the piece. Pieces will be ready in 2 weeks. Tuition: $75 Member $125 Non-Member
  12. Expressive Pots on the Wheel with Ron Philbeck May 31st – June 2nd 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All In this workshop we will use the potter’s wheel to throw a variety of functional and decorative forms. We will explore direct methods to produce lively surfaces on the pots. This will include faceting wet pots, applying thick slip for texture, throwing with gesture, rope impressed decoration, incising, and stamping. Pouring slips and glazes for decorative expression will also be covered. Tuition: $300 Member $350 Non-Member Visit the Bascom websi
  13. Clay on the Wall with Don Williams May 17th – May 19th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All Through history and across cultures clay has been used to build as well as decorate walls. In this workshop participants have the opportunity to make a singular or multiple component clay wall piece. Studio time will be devoted to working with wet clay. Examples of historical and contemporary ceramic wall works will be shown and discussed followed by demonstrations of construction approaches. These will include clay relief, using press molds, slab
  14. 3+3=6: 3 Days, 3 Ceramic Artists, 6 Vessels with Alice Ballard, Dow Redcorn, and Corbin Tucker April 16th – 18th 10 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm Levels: All Inspired by natural elements and forms, students will create vessels using slabs, dowel construction, closed pillow forms, and extruded shapes. Working in stoneware, instruction will include the use of oxides and underglazes and some tips for using terra sig. Pieces will not be fired due to the limited timeframe of the class. If you are not from our area, arrangements can be made for The Bascom to bisque fire p
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