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Found 5 results

  1. Hello friends. I recently purchased a brand new Shimpo Whisper Quiet wheel from Clay King. I am newer to pottery so I don’t know much about wheel mechanics and all that. No matter what I do, I can’t get anything to center. There is ALWAYS a wobble. When I turn the wheel on, it almost sounds like the electricity is surging or something...it doesnt sound like it’s running completely smoothly. So I don’t know if it’s just me and I truly can’t center, if I’m not wedging the clay properly....or if it’s the wheel. At first I thought maybe my bats just weren’t tight enough so I tried throwing directly on the wheel head and I got the same result; a wobble. Even if I turn it on high speed with no clay I can hear a subtle “nuhnuhnuhnuhnuh” instead of one smooth ‘swooshing’ sound. What should I do? I imagine this can be easily fixed by tightening something. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been throwing for a little while now and bought a wheel to keep practicing. I'm working towards a raku fire next month so have been working with a fine grogged raku clay. I can't seem to centre more than 550g of clay on my wheel without it slipping from the center of the wheel. I'm using particle board bats. Not sure if i'm using too much/not enough water, wheel is too slow. Any help to prevent slipping when centering would be great. Thanks
  3. Hi guys. Im about to lose my mind. I started pottery about 6 months ago and have been progressing really well. I started with buff stoneware and went on to white stoneware with no problems. I was throwing upto 800 gms till now. Recently I tried throwing a 1500 and then 2000 gms and was so pleased that I was successful. And then one day I couldn't center anymore. And the worst part is I cant figure out why. Not even 600 gms. Not even less. Nothing. I always get a twist right at the bottom on the clay where it touches the wheel and lumps/knots throughout my clay ! I just dont know what it is. After failing on my wheel at home, I tried it in my pottery class in front of my tutor as well. As soon as I touch the clay it gets this nasty twist at the bottom that I cant get out. My pottery teacher and two other students tried to center it as well with no luck. I just dont understand why this is happening. Ive tried different clays, different wheels - nothing. Im getting so frustrated. To explain my centering process - I used to cone up and down to center and then I had more luck recently with pressing with the heel of my left palm on the side and with my right fist on top of the clay to center. It used to get centered under 2 minutes. But none of those methods are working at the moment. Ive struggled for 30-40 minutes at a stretch without any luck. Anyone face a similar problem? How did you solve it? Just to let you know - I have no personal problems or anything that are affecting this - and since my tutor wasnt able to center my clay as well im guessing its not related to anything going on internally with me. Maybe its my wedging? I dont know. Any ideas?
  4. Hello! I've been doing pottery for more than a year now, mainly with smaller forms. Now I'm learning to throw with bigger lumps of clay - 1.5kg to 2.2kg (3.3-4.8 lb). The problem I'm facing is that the top of a pot goes off center when I'm widening the walls. So I center the clay, open it, pull up the walls to make a cylinder. Then I start to stretch the walls wide from the bottom and at this pointer the top of my pot begins to go off center and the more I widen the walls, the more off center it goes. I just can't understand what am I doing wrong? The funny thing is doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes the top stays in place when I stretch the walls. I would be very thankful if someone could watch my and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I think I have to mention that I'm a selftought potter, I just watched Simon Leach's videos and did what he did.
  5. I bought an old Shimpo RK-2 wheel a while ago for my garage and have a hard time centering on it. I don't have that problem on the Bailey wheel I have in our studio. I thought it was just me until I realized that the pins on the Shimpo are different distances from the edge of the head causing the bats to look like they're moving back and forth. So even though bats fit just fine, a portion of the bat actually hangs over the head farther than the rest of the bat. I imagine the obvious solution would be to not use a bat and throw directly on the head, which I'm uncomfortable doing, but to fix this, should I drill new pin holes and make sure each hole is exactly the same distance from the edge of the wheel head? Or does it matter? I've never done this and I'm a bit leery about drilling into it.
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