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Found 4 results

  1. Hello friends. I recently purchased a brand new Shimpo Whisper Quiet wheel from Clay King. I am newer to pottery so I don’t know much about wheel mechanics and all that. No matter what I do, I can’t get anything to center. There is ALWAYS a wobble. When I turn the wheel on, it almost sounds like the electricity is surging or something...it doesnt sound like it’s running completely smoothly. So I don’t know if it’s just me and I truly can’t center, if I’m not wedging the clay properly....or if it’s the wheel. At first I thought maybe my bats just weren’t tight enough so I tried throwing directly on the wheel head and I got the same result; a wobble. Even if I turn it on high speed with no clay I can hear a subtle “nuhnuhnuhnuhnuh” instead of one smooth ‘swooshing’ sound. What should I do? I imagine this can be easily fixed by tightening something. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I am a super new potter and have been throwing for about 8 months after taking some classes. Recently I just can’t seem to get my clay centered. I have done it many times before, but in the last few weeks I’m finding that it’s off centre in either the very base of my clay ball, or right in the middle. Often it will feel centered and it isn’t until I start to push down in the middle before openening up that I can feel there is a little twist in the middle. Sometimes I can push all the way down before I find the twist, but it always seems to be there. Perhaps I am trapping air when I’m coning up? I just can’t seem to work out what I am doing wrong and feel like I have read every post and watched every video. Any advice would be very much appreciated
  3. Hi all! New to this forum and excited to connect. Due to the pandemic, I have decided to invest in my own home based studio. I recently came upon a Soldner kick wheel after years of primarily using brent/shimpo electric wheels. I’ve been searching the Internet for tips on making this transition to primarily throwing on a kick wheel, but to no avail. Does anyone have tips / tricks / recommendations on making the switch to solely throwing on a kick wheel ? Anyone have access to videos of centering on a kick wheel? Thanks!
  4. Hi there! I've seem to have gotten into a funk with centering my balls of clay on the wheel. I can get it pretty centered, but it's always about a millimetre off...Here's my technique: Cone up by pushing inwards. Cone down with the meat of my right thumb pressing down and the meat of my left thumb guiding it down. However, I've been having issues with the mushroom effect. Any suggestions as to how to cone all the way down to the wheel without the mushroom forming? Once I get it relatively centered and in a puck shape, I'll try to fix the millimetre off by pushing inwards from the side using the meat of my left hand below my pinky finger and pushing downwards from the top using the karate chop of the outer edge of my right hand, also by the pinky finger. However, this usually pushes my piece ever more off center. So I've been sticking with coning up and down several times and starting to pull my piece with the millimetre off feeling. Any tips & tricks that might be helpful? Thanks!
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