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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm looking to buy a small test kiln for hobby use. Something like a skutt fire box, an olympic doll test kiln, a paragon caldera, ... (110 -115volt standard household plug only). I live in Orange County California but willing to drive 2 hours away to pick up a good kiln (los angles, San Diego, riverside, Chino, Pasadena,...). Message me at 7146220713 or ms.tham.96@gmail.com if you have any offer. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello. Does anyone in Los Angles have a Peter Pugger (hopefully a 20 or 30) I can come try out? I would just use clay you already have... chat a bit... bring you lunch or a coffee. I am desperate to try one to resolve my purchasing issue. I teach high school, and my last 2 pug mills (Bailey and Shampoo) had big issues. Peter Pugger does not have a single business in LA to test out a unit.
  3. Hello, I have a video I've made, a short feature about 5 minutes long, that I want to share with a greater clay community. I think it could be enjoyed by ceramic artists of all abilities and locale. The video itself is a montage of clips following me as I process some clay from the front yard of my childhood home in Marin County, Ca. It all started when I came home one weekend from college and my parents told me that we had a leaky water main. I guess I some how, unexplainable to me, offered to be the one to fix it. The next thing I knew I was knee deep in sludge trying to get a hold on a pin-holed piece of copper that may as well have been the equivalent to Hercules' hydra. Once that struggle was over, the water main was fixed and I started to clean up. Realizing then that the sludge was actually clay. I took some to my studio in Santa Cruz, Ca and started messing around with it. It was a dream to throw with. So with this now knowledge, I planned on taking a methodical approach to filming the steps of the process from harvesting to throwing. This video is my illustration of that process, not so much a step by step walk through. I hope you enjoy it
  4. Just posted my summer workshop information. in adition to a fantastic June workshop I'll be co-teaching with Marcia Selsor at La Meridiana, I am scheduling two workshops in July at a beautiful new venue in Oceanside, CA,( north of San Diego, near the beach and nestled in the palm and pines.) Registration is open, workshop size is small, happy to answer any questions and looking forward to seeing some of you! details are at http://www.revivaltileworks.com/arworkshops2014.html Stephani Stephenson http://revivaltileworks.com revivalsteph@gmail.com
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