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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, Thanks for all the previous help. I'm afraid I have another question. I bought an old Brent model B. It is starting to look like I bought a lemon. I reconnected the foot pedal. I fixed the earth. I replaced the severely frayed belt. Finally powered her up and the motor is flashing and making noises when it gets up to a reasonable speed. Not even fast. Any ideas if this is fixable at home? Are the brushes replaceable on a 1/3hp model? And might this help? I'd appreciate any advice before I get even further into opening it up. I want to do my best to fix it up before I give up on it and return it. The eBay seller said it was working fine. It clearly isn't but second hand potters wheels don't come up often here in England, and a 250 mile drive to return it is about as long a drive as we have! Thanks
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? I bought an old Brent model B from eBay and I can't figure out the splashpan. I have only used 1 piece splashpans at evening class and this is my first wheel for home. I followed the online videos. They clip together okay, but the side walls don't connect together and leave a small gap that water will fall through. Are they mismatched parts? Is this how they should look? I emailed Amaco and they said that this is the correct part. Then I got another email from them saying 'The splash pan is correct but it does look like one of the edges may have been cut back as they are supposed to meet flush'. Any tips? Could I just cover the gap with gap with duct tape for now? I am in England and new splashpans for the Brent are difficult to get hold of and expensive. I am reasonably new to ceramics and really love the forums for all the many helpful tips. Thanks, Laurence
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