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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, I looked into several insurance options this far, including that offered by the Potters Council. I found it interesting that insurance companies put higher $$$ on porcelain than other pottery. Is there anyone else that experience the same? Also because part of my work is operated online, I find that insurance companies want to load that part too. all my transactions goes through Paypal, so I do not end up with credit cards that need to be secured. Is there anyone that covered this that is willing to provide some tips. Thanks. Antoinette.
  2. One of my (admittedly many) blind spots as a potter is, understanding how hand thrown and fired stoneware pottery stacks up against the restaurant industry's common white bone china type product in terms of durability and chip resistance. Considering the 'monkey dish' or soup bowl bought from a restaurant supply outlet as compared to the same product hand thrown of stoneware - which is the stronger, the less apt to chip, and why? And if the mass-produced product is the more durable, how can we as small-scale potters, best approach this level of durability? I went to a restaurant with a date and she got a chip in the chili served in a white china soup bowl, she bit into it and it hurt her - I was incensed, and raised a ruckus. Turns out that upon inspection, most of their white china bowls were chipped, and the staff weren't inspecting or wiping out the bowls before ladling chili into them. I do not currently sell to restaurants as far as I know, but would like to try to, some day. I work in earthenware porcelain & stoneware but far prefer to work with slightly groggy stoneware. My stoneware does not seem to chip like that restaurant ware though I don't know that there's anything particularly special about it.. Apologies if this topic has been beaten to death, I don't have much luck searching on CAD & internet info seems contradictory, apart from Corelle being considered quite tough. Thanks for sharing any thoughts on it. I guess that I have asked about chip resistance before but, not in regard to stoneware.
  3. Can anyone tell me why these broke during 04 firing? 4 out of 6 broke. Are these cooling breaks? I used paragons schedule that they have on you tube. But during the cooling phase the alarm sounded and flashes FTC (failure to cool). I don't understand that since this is what paragon is showing to do. Very confused. Thanks Linda
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