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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    John Baymore Bottle 2

    From the album: Images For Misc. Posts

    This is the first bottle shown in a discussion thread.
  2. Guest

    John Baymore Bottle

    From the album: Images For Misc. Posts

    A more formal image of the bottle mentioned in a posting thread.
  3. Guest

    FiredBottle Summer2017 1024

    From the album: Images For Misc. Posts

    This is the bottle form right after unloading from the firing.
  4. From the album: Images For Misc. Posts

    This is the bottle that is shown in a discussion thread sitting in the anagama with the coating of oribe glaze applied over the modified clay body.
  5. Guest

    JBaymore BottleForm

    From the album: Images For Misc. Posts

    Image of a bottle form made from the altered clay shown in another image.
  6. From the album: Ceramics Fall 2016

    Tenmoku glazed on a dark red clay body. I was told it fired differently on the bottle because they were not all fired together, next time I will leave a note asking to have them be in the same part of the kiln to promote more consistency. First try making a set of something, the tiny cups proved quite a challenge! But it was fun.
  7. Mudmann65


    From the album: Some work

    Thrown "donut" shape with thrown bottle top mouth. Added coiled and textured lugs.
  8. From the album: Displays

    Arrangement of ^6 dark and white stoneware functional pottery. Underglazes and sgraffito. Platter, jar, corked bottle and mug.
  9. From the album: Displays

    Arrangement of ^6 dark clay, functional pottery. Sgraffito through underglazes. Platter, teapot and bottle.
  10. Guest

    Youhen Bottle Form

    From the album: John Baymore's Clay Work

    Thrown; yakishime; youhen charcoal finish; noborigama woodfired at Kanayamayaki, Goshogawara-shi, Aomori-ken, Japan; Orton cone 14. In my personal collection.

    © John Baymore 2013 - all rights reserved

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