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Found 1 result

  1. So. I'm going to try to keep this as nice as possible. For the last few months I've been working with a ceramics store owner who is having issues with pretty much everything. Basically the business is in the hole monthly by hundreds of dollars and relies on volunteers to keep the last and smallest of the two kilns running -last time I went in it was not. We (said volunteers) do this in exchange for either free slipware or in my case, low temp firing. This seemed like a great deal at first, I was the only one there, I offered to paint a mural, write a grant, and do other things, none of which the owner seems interested in even though often musing they want to improve the walls and convert to a non-profit, -I realize I have no control over their motivation level which seems often to be in the toilet. Things have deteriorated and now the owner seems to leave to go get lunch or rescue family members as soon as one of us arrives, I end up doing things I said I wouldn't, like cleaning up ppl's rotten dishes in the workroom sink and dumping the garbage instead of trimming greenware. Also I was told they fired to cone 6. They "didn't know they weren't" until I told them 1855 F was around cone 0.6, not 6. This made me realize partly why things are such a mess, including the early work I brought them, which was mostly ruined. They don't know WTF they are doing. Also, there is no working vent, they don't think it's important enough to fix, so the fumes blow back into the shop and are probably messing with the kiln, also I've tried to explain this is bad to breathe. They have groups of kids coming in to paint slipware sitting in this gas cloud. For this I got poo-poo'd, nobody loves an efficiency expert. Also some of the other volunteers who work there, don't bathe or wash their clothes, so they're scaring business away and me away, and I could go on, but what would be the point, nobody's going to listen to me and for these and other reasons clearly this place will go down the tubes and close soon. Good riddance perhaps. Obviously there is no 'free' lunch and I should just go pick up my greenware and wish them the best. Do you think this is a sign I should crack open my savings account and buy a new kiln of my own? -of course you can't answer that, but I probably can. Thanks for reading and I enjoy all your opinions and company regardless.
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