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Found 6 results

  1. From the album: Pottery 2016

    Interior of elaborately carved pie plate made with red clay and inlaid with white slip (and a touch of white underglaze).

    © Giselle No. 5 Ceramics, all rights reserved

  2. From the album: Pottery 2016

    I love my Xiem precision trailer ....

    © Giselle No. 5 Ceramics, all rights reserved

  3. I have pottery experience for over 25 years and my pottery like dishes pots and other stuff are mainly made for cooking and baking food in all sort of ways.If you have any questions please ask,down there are some my links you can watch.GREETINGS FROM CROATIA FOLKS!!! MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBqBVr6l0q1_YHeBQNSoOVw DIRECT LINK on one of the videos:
  4. A customer is asking for a pizza stone.This is a large slab tile used in an oven to bake a pizza. The question; Is a bisque tile good enough or do you have to fire it to stoneware? Should it be porous, or should it be vitrified? Anyone make these babies? Not to be confused with the Rossetta stone, which is another animal altogether. TJR.
  5. I am a complete noob to pottery, honestly I'm only interested in clay casting with slip. I want to make a olla, I just have a couple of questions. For that thickness,1/8 of a inch, how long will it have to sit for casting? Is it possible I can bake this in my own oven? There is a pottery place near me, Dallas, but it is far away. I will be using earthenware clay. I need it to be porous still. Also, does the mold for casting have to made out of plaster? I know how to make molds- can it be made out of plastic or silicone? Also, there is a place, what temperature do I need to fire it at? Thanks, Timothy
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