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Found 18 results

  1. I bought a used amaco kiln EX257 SF 240 Single phase and I’m looking for replacement elements. Amaco is 9-11 weeks out on replacement parts and I can’t find any stores online that carry them. Local shops in my area don’t carry Amaco kiln parts. I was told Skutt makes Amaco kilns, have found that other skutt parts work with my kiln - like feeder wires, terminal strip, relay, thermocouples etc. Does anyone know if there would be a skutt compatible kiln elements? Or anywhere that sells Ex 257sf elements? thanks!!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a bisque firing question. I have some Amaco 38 white stoneware clay and the studio I want to fire at only bisque fires to cone 03. Amaco recommends 04. Has anyone done this ? In any case, what are possible outcomes of this? Thanks!
  3. Hello! I have recently gotten the itch to try my hand at wheel throwing and needed some help with the wheel I have available. My mother, a retired art teacher, has an old Amaco No. 1-101 that I would like to use. Aside from some dust, the wheel appears to be in excellent condition. The only problem is that I am a lefty, and there does not seem to be a way to reverse the direction of the wheel. Would anyone know of a modification I can make to the motor to reverse the direction? I'm not afraid to tinker with it as it's not really being used but I am unsure of what to even search for regarding how to reverse the direction a motor powers or if that is possible. I'd be especially interested in a direction toggle switch to add so my mother can continue using it as well, but will be happy just to be able to reverse it at all. Thanks for any and all help!
  4. Kiln recently had elements replaced, about three weeks prior to it throwing error code d. With the new elements it was working great, completing both low and high firings without any issues. All of a sudden on cone-fire mode, slow speed, cone 05(same settings as previous firings) it stopped firing at around 300 Fahrenheit and threw error code d. Upon further inspection all elements are making a closed circuit and the proper voltage output is registering. When we attempted to do the "Errd Troubleshooting and Correction Procedures" from the manual the kiln beeps and displays a "STUC" message. Not all the elements are coming on when the kiln is on. We are at a loss for how to troubleshoot and correct this. Anyone experienced this before? Any suggestions on things to try?
  5. I recently did a glaze firing to cone 06 and the pieces came out horribly. I am relatively new to firing and was wondering if you could help me figure out what went wrong. I used BMix clay bisque fired to cone 04 then applied the glazes. The glazes used are in the pictures written on a note. I glaze fired to cone 06 and monitored the firing temps and they were as follows (all degrees are in Fahrenheit): Starting temp: 73 2 hours temp: 700 4 hour temp: 1185 6 hour temp: 1560 7 hour temp: 1680 8 hour temp: 1785 Final temp: 1827 at 8.5 hours Any thoughts very much appreciated!!
  6. Hello, I recently was given an old Amaco electric potter's wheel no. 1-101. The wheel has not been used in a long time. The wheel head does not switch to the correct direction for throwing. There is also a knocking noise when the wheel is on. I have a basic diagram of the parts and wiring that came with the wheel, but can't figure out where to begin troubleshooting the problem. Any advice will be appreciated.
  7. Hi all! I’m new here I’ve thrown lots of ceramics over the years, as a student in a classroom setting (so, lots of ceramics classes where someone else loaded & fired the kiln, haha), but am brand new to firing my own kiln. I recently set up a studio off the side of our garage, and acquired a used Duncan EA 1020-2 manual kiln. I bisque fired about 25 pieces to cone 06 with no obvious issues; firing took about 10.5 hours with top peep hole open (I don’t have a vent, so needed oxygen to enter the kiln in some way - figured leaving a peep hole open was the best option?). I bought several pints of Amaco Potters Choice glazes (blue rutile, oatmeal, chun plum, lustrous jade, and 3 or 4 others), and did lots of reading/searching on these forums and other sites, and gleaned that in order to get bright colors with these glazes, you must brush on many layers, quite thick; so, that’s what I did. Glaze fired to cone 6, with a small cone in the kiln sitter. I did not have witness cones (I very, very much regretted this almost instantly, but as I’m brand new to firing, I wasn’t aware I needed them when I was ordering all my initial supplies, so I had none), but around hour 12 I began to worry that something...wasn’t right, because of the time elapsed. The cone 6 glaze fire took 16 hours before the kiln sitter triggered and only reached temp when I finally plugged the top peep hole. I let it cool overnight and opened this morning, to...major disappointment. Very dark glazes, browns and dark greys, some purples but those were all very dark and almost matte looking. Tons and tons of pinholes, as well, which are new to me - I’ve read that many things can cause them? Without guidance cones I know there isn’t much to go by, but I suspect the kiln overfired, due to the very dark, less than stellar glaze results and the time it took to finish - could overfiring lead to these results? Or does anyone have any insights, helpful recommendations, encouragement? I know it happens, especially in the beginning, but I’m still kind of bummed. Thank you all for your help! -Kati
  8. Hi there, I have Amaco Potters Choice glazes and they say that they should be fired to cone 5/6. I am very new to pottery and was wondering what this means in terms of the firing schedule in my Nabetherm kiln. I have been trying to get the effects as shown on their website but they do not look very similar! What would the different outcomes of cone 5 and 6 be? Thanks so much and really appreciate any help, lara
  9. From the album: 2014 Featured Artist Pieces

    This box is slab built and painted with Amaco LUGs. The design is an underglaze transfer. It is glazed with Amaco zinc free clear and the interior is Coyote Sedona Sunset.

    © Terry Buffington

  10. From the album: Pottery 2016

    Thrown on the pottery wheel in white stoneware, carved deeply with mountain design. Treated with 2-1 water and iron oxide mix on only the mountains. One coat Amaco's Smoky Merlot on mountains, four coats on everything else. Fired at ^6.

    © Giselle No. 5 Ceramics 2016, all rights reserved

  11. From the album: 2014 Featured Artist Pieces

    This oblong dish and small bowl set is made with little loafers. It is painted with Amaco Light Blue and has Amaco white underglaze transferred flowers. The interior is coyotes white glaze.

    © Terry Buffington

  12. From the album: 2014 Featured Artist Pieces

    This simple angel is made with slabs and the face is a press mold with minor sculpting. The hair was made using a mini extruder. Hair and face are painted with Amaco LUGs and it is glazed in Amaco glazes. This can be used as a stand alone figure or it can be used as a tree topper. I died the holes around the bottom to make it easy to an her it to the top of the tree securely.

    © Terry Buffington

  13. From the album: 2014 Featured Artist Pieces

    This embellished angel was made with little loafers cone 6 clay. The designs were rolled into the surface and then glazed. The face was press molded with a minor hand sculpting. The hair was made with a mini extruder. The hair and face is painted with Amaco LUGs and the wings are coyote white and the dress is Coyote Opal. This angel can be used as a stand alone figurine or it can be used as a tree topper. I added holes on either side so that it can be securely anchored to the tree.

    © Terry Buffington

  14. From the album: 2014 Featured Artist Pieces

    I made this utensil holder using little loafers cone 6 clay. The birds, vines and flowers are appliqués to give a 3 dimensional look to the surface. The design is painted with Amaco LUGs and then glazed in Amaco Zinc Free clear and the inside is Coyotes Rhubarb.

    © Terry Buffington

  15. From the album: 2014 Featured Artist Pieces

    The drink carrier and tumbler set is made with Little loafers cone 6 clay. I slab built the carrier and extruded the handle and tumblers. The entire piece was painted with Amaco White Underglaze. The design is a rubber stamp I rolled into the surface to give it a dimensional texture and then I painted it with Amaco Dark Blue underglaze. The piece is glazed in Amaco Zince Free Clear and the bottom of each inside section is glazed in Coyote Cobalt blue. Each glass has a different design to it so at a party everybody will know which glass is theirs.

    © Terry Buffington

  16. From the album: My pottery

    This bowl was fired at cone 4 and brushed with 2 coats of Potter's Choice glazes Blue Rutile (inside) & Ancient Jasper (outside) to cone 06 in a reduction kiln.

    © 2013 Deutmeyer Pottery

  17. From the album: My pottery

    This bowl was fired at cone 4 and glazed with Potter's Choice glazes Tourmoline & Iron Lustre to cone 06 in a reduction kiln.

    © 2013 Deutmeyer Pottery

  18. From the album: My pottery

    This bowl was fired at cone 4 and glazed with Potter's Choice glazes Tourmoline & Iron Lustre to cone 06 in a reduction kiln.

    © 2013 Deutmeyer Pottery

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