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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, I am trying to make some plates for my sisters wedding present and I have been running into a lot of problems! I am using Amaco velvet underglaze (fire to cone 5/6) on greenware - when they were fired for bisque (I put the underglaze on the greenware before the bisque) they came out ok (although still quite dark) but then i fired them for glazing (with transparent on top for glazing part as per instruction and to get glossy plate look) and they have come out very strangely - its almost as if some of the glaze has disappeared somewhere and it looks significantly thinner that it was after the bisque firing. Here is what I used: Clay: White Special Stoneware (1200-1300) Bisque fire: I am wondering what the reccomended bisque for this would be in degrees celcius eg. room temp - 600*C at 150*C per hour (I have sadly forgotten which bisque i had)? Glaze fire: I think I will try the following schedule: - room to 600 at 100 per hour - 600 to 931 at 150 per hour - 931c - 1031c at 60 p/h Do you think this would be ok? I would love to know if anyone had any reccomended glaze and firing scheudles for this clay and the amaco underglaze as I am keen to get the plates right as theyre for my sisters wedding! I am not sure if the problem is in my firing ramp or if because of the hire fire clay we have (sadly I dont have any others at the moment) THANKY YOU!
  2. I recently did a glaze firing to cone 06 and the pieces came out horribly. I am relatively new to firing and was wondering if you could help me figure out what went wrong. I used BMix clay bisque fired to cone 04 then applied the glazes. The glazes used are in the pictures written on a note. I glaze fired to cone 06 and monitored the firing temps and they were as follows (all degrees are in Fahrenheit): Starting temp: 73 2 hours temp: 700 4 hour temp: 1185 6 hour temp: 1560 7 hour temp: 1680 8 hour temp: 1785 Final temp: 1827 at 8.5 hours Any thoughts very much appreciated!!
  3. New-ish potter here! I've taken many community classes before but am just starting a home studio (got wheel and kiln 2nd hand). Starting to gather materials now and am wondering if you have to match brand of clay with brand of glaze? I assume you don't have to? For example, I have ordered some Laguna WC-608 stoneware clay but have come across some Amaco brand glazes that I really like the look of. How do I tell if these two products will fit well together? Thank you in advance, I'm sure I'll have lots more questions in the near future!
  4. Hi there, I have Amaco Potters Choice glazes and they say that they should be fired to cone 5/6. I am very new to pottery and was wondering what this means in terms of the firing schedule in my Nabetherm kiln. I have been trying to get the effects as shown on their website but they do not look very similar! What would the different outcomes of cone 5 and 6 be? Thanks so much and really appreciate any help, lara
  5. From the album: Pottery 2016

    Thrown on the pottery wheel in white stoneware, carved deeply with mountain design. Treated with 2-1 water and iron oxide mix on only the mountains. One coat Amaco's Smoky Merlot on mountains, four coats on everything else. Fired at ^6.

    © Giselle No. 5 Ceramics 2016, all rights reserved

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