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Found 8 results

  1. Hello there, I have a piece of artwork bought at an estate sale and am having some trouble identifying the method and material used. I believe it is tooled clay that has been mounted on a piece of paper and then applied with colored glaze. As you can probably tell I'm not a ceramicist! Would any of you experts be able to confirm this or be able to identify method and material was used? I appreciate you time! Katie
  2. Hello! I have a paragon electric kiln with a sentinel controller. I fired to cone 6 today, the last I checked my kiln it was at 1552 F and by the time I checked it again it had shut off and was at 954 F. How should I proceed? I just turned the kiln back on and refired as soon as I saw it so now I’m just hoping for everything to be ok I’ve had this happen once before and the glaze turned out terrible but I’m not sure if it was just my glazing/ bad glaze fit. The colors were off and lots of crazing. Could the kiln shutting off midfire be the cause? Has anybody had any experience with the kiln shutting off during glaze fires? I’ve tried looking up on the forums and some say it depends on the temperature it was shut off. If the glaze is bubbling it might cause crawling. Since the kiln was in the 1500s I’m sure the glaze was melted. I’m just worried the glaze will be ruined after I worked so hard on it Please if anybody has advice on this issue I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  3. Hello! I am a student and I was recently given the assignment of creating two items that are realistic together as a clay sculpture. I am planning to making is something with flowers but I am struggling to find a flower that is easier to do because this is my first time creating realistic flowers with clay. Is there any suggestions on which flowers I should use and what techniques or tools I should utilize? Thank you for your help.... ~Mochii
  4. Hi all! I have recently inhereted a kiln that needs some love. I'm a little unsure of how much or what type exactly. There is glaze on the heating elements in spots and some damage to fire brick. What would you recommend? Images of kiln
  5. Hello! Looking for some advice on whether to buy this used Cress Kiln. I haven’t thrown on the wheel since college, so I am intermediate at best. I just need a good kiln for hobby pottery pieces and don’t know a whole lot about kilns yet, or whether this is a good price at $195. Thank you so much in advance!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/478879423099184/
  6. Hello! I recently purchased some Laguna Speckled Buff (WC-403) and have been throwing some pieces on the wheel. I have been looking for a perfect honey brown/light tan speckled clay and finally came across this one. Anyway, I made and fired some pieces with a Cone 6 cone in the kiln sitter and everything turned out kind of burned (?) looking and darker than I was expecting. I fired some more pieces but this time put a Cone 5 bar in the kiln sitter and got almost the same result My glazes also aren't showing up as well. Does anyone have any ideas of why it is coming out like this or have any advice? Thanks a bunch!
  7. Hi all! I am trying to make a small pizza oven out of raku clay. Any suggestions would be welcome, but especially any answers to: 1. How thick should the walls be? 2. Can I "self-fire" the oven by building a small fire inside instead of firing it in a kiln? I dont have my own kiln, and firing it locally could get pricey.
  8. Hey happy to have found this group, looking for beginner info on using a electric kiln. Norman kiln. I know they are out of business and can be serviced. Looking for instructions on first time use, what to place it on top of? What to test with and operating info.. any advice welcome
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