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Found 75 results

  1. Dear fellow potters Days and weeks fly so fast.... sigh My today's guest is... tataaaaa.... our one and only and much beloved oldlady! Her question(s) for us is the following: What shape did you like most when you first started out? Have you made it recently and if so, do you still like it? I myself started out with trying different shapes because I was still looking for an own language in clay. Later I discovered the tripods and the bi-discs and that's what I still like doing. What about YOU? Warm wishes for a nice week ahead. Evelyne
  2. My dear friends The time has come to say goodbye... well, no, that's too melodramatic... Let's start again: This will be my last QOTW. From next week on, my dear colleague Pres is taking over. It was two very interesting years with you all. Thank you from all my heart for your contributions, posts and for your loyalty! Some of you helped me out when I was under time pressure and sent me ideas for questions, and all helped with the moderating. My kudos to you! QOTW: would you be interested in submitting questions for your fellow potters? Don't send the questions now, just give me your thoughts about including the forum members more in the QOTW. I will stay on the forum and will meet you again on Pres'QOTW thread. A big thank you to Pres for immediately saying yes to taking over this thread. You are a dear friend, Pres! Love to you all! Evelyne
  3. Good morning my dear forum friends My next guest is our one and only John Baymore (drum roll!! ...because in another life John was a famous drummer!). He asks us the following: "Could we ask people who have been working with clay for at least 5 years, part time or full time, to post a picture of one of their best pieces from the FIRST ceramics classes that they ever took, whether that was a community ed class or college or with an apprenticeship or of course also if they are totally self-taught. I mean from their first 6 months of working with clay. I think it would maybe be interesting to have a look back at where people started out..... and we can see where they are now... and if there were any "connections" that still showed in that path". Oh yes, that would really be interesting to see and to discuss. John will be here to help me co-moderate and look at the pics that, I am sure, are rolling in like waves during high tide (that's my bit of poem for today...) We are curious and are waiting patiently (NOT!) for the ice breaker.... Have a marvelous week everybody! Evelyne and John
  4. Hi everybody I apologize! I was so excited that my hubby drove me to my Italian studio last Tuesday, and that I could mount and descent a few stairs with my broken-then-fixed-foot, that I (shame on me) forgot the QOTW. Mea culpa! We do an easy one this rest of the week, ok? Are you afraid of working with porcelain? Tell us about your first porcelain throwing, your experience, your tips and hints for beginners etc. Thank you and have a good rest of the week and a wonderful weekend Evelyne
  5. Good morning, afternoon and evening my friends This week I have another guest. It's RonSa and his question for us is: "How, when or why did you start with working in clay?" I myself (this is Evelyne again) started alsmost 20 years ago, after I had to stop playing the piano and being a piano teacher because of problems with the right knee and the wrists. First it was kind of a therapy, but soon I got hooked and I learned the métier from scratch. I still know: this is what I want to do till I am... well, approx. 105 years old. How about you all? Have a good week and thank you RonSa for the question! Evelyne
  6. Hello my forum friends I love that "word" - bling bling. I learned about this Hip-Hop expression listening to a terrible shrieking, also called: song (well I was tied to a chair by my nephew , so I had to listen). My question has nothing to do with Hip-Hop but with throwing on a potters wheel, or hand building. I often see videos of people throwing with rings on their fingers, bracelet and watches on their wrist or necklaces dangling inches from the wheel. Before I start in my studio, I always first have to remove every jewelry I wear, even my wedding band. I cannot work wearing bling bling. How about you? Are you wearing jewelry while in the studio? Carpe Diem everybody! Evelyne
  7. Hi my friends! Is winter still on your doorstep? Where I live, the sun is shining as if spring is just waiting round the corner... My today's guest is Pugaboo: She sent me a question that I misunderstood, and we had a good laugh about "being blond" Here goes: How many people vent the INSIDE of their kiln using either a downdraft vent or a hood vent? If so, has doing so changed how your kiln fires or pottery looks? I myself have a hood on top of my kiln and a tube, transporting the fumes outside. Well, let's all post a pic of our kilns! Don't forget to answer also the 2nd question! Happy week to all of you. Thanks to Pugaboo for the interesting question!! Evelyne
  8. Good day my friends Yesterday was x-ray day at the hospital and, woohoo, I can get rid of the fancy special shoe and can start learning to walk again on my own feet, like a toddler... We have a new guest in the forum! Welcome to Joe-L! His question for us is about something I guess we all experienced already: "If you visit another potter who you don't know, do you feel under pressure (perhaps self-imposed) to buy some of their work? Would this differ depending what country you're in?" A definite YES here. How about you all? Hugs to my forum community friends and thank you, Joe, for the question! Evelyne
  9. Awwww my fellow forum members are so very kind to me and send questions (since they know I am out of order...). Thank you Nerd for sending the following question: I walk through nature, by the ocean, drive by the mountains: and it inspires me back in the studio. What inspires you in your work, and how do you incorporate it? Well, for me it is nature as well, but more walking in the woods since there is no ocean here in Switzerland. Then: visits to museums of ancient art, looking at works of friends (and foes ), looking at Pottery magazines, clouds!.... and how about you? Have a good week! Evelyne
  10. Hello and good morning, afternoon, evening my friends: I am back! As I already said in my other post: thank you all so very much for all your care! I feel so blessed to have you all as friends. I feel better, although I have to slowly slowly walk with a heavy but fancy shoe on my foot and with crutches. But I am getting there! Lee had a wonderful idea for a question and I thank you Lee for mentioning my biggest problem at the moment: not being able doing anything with clay because I can't, for the life of me, go to my basement studio. I read a lot! I just read Richard Sennett's book "The Craftsman". And I've read, for the 3rd time already, Edmund de Waal's book "The white road". Reading and yes, scetching, is what I am doing in times I can't work in clay. But the question is: what would YOU do if you cannot (absolutely not!) work in clay for a certain time? Thank you and have a good week! Evelyne
  11. Hello my friends, I am so sorry I let you wait for this weeks' QOTW: I was very busy, lying in hospitals here in Italy, waiting for the verdict about my (unintended) free fall from a 1.30 meter stone wall a few days ago. Broken ankle joint, bad looking fracture. Hmmmm... what an adventurous end to this year. I have to go back to Switzerland tomorrow (hubby drives, don't worry ). Surgery mid next week. So please let me just say Merry Christmas to all of you and let's make a QOTW break till the new year. Thank you all so much for staying with me here on the forum and contributing to the QOTW, and thank you for being YOU. Love and lots of hugs and all he very best for the New Year! Evelyne
  12. Hello everybody! Is it already snowing at your end of the world? No snow here yet but really cold. Temp. in my studio (basement) is around 53 F. Temp. outside 35 F Ha! Funny that! Temp inside is exactly the reverse of temp. outside.... QOTW: Last week we talked about redundant things in our studios. For this week I gladly take Nerd's advise and ask you: What are the top five things in your studio that you would NOT part with, if you had to downsize? This is MY list: slab roller! kiln Giffin Grip Apron movable heater/radiator Well, there's more, but Nerd wanted only 5.... I hope you all are cosy and warm. Happy week! Evelyne
  13. The moving marathon our friend Marcia is just living through gave me the idea to this weeks question . I followed her messages here and on fb what exactly she was getting rid of before moving to Montana. And then I went down to my studio and thought: hmmmm.... if I had to move my studio tomorrow, what would I throw away?... what would I give away?... what would I take with me? My studio is cluttered with lots of things I don't really need (remember our diving-into-the-waste-bins QOTW?!), but would I get rid of them just because of moving the studio? I admire you Marcia!! Come on people, go to your studio, have a good look around and tell us what, say 3-5 things you would dispense with when moving. It's just for fun, don't worry, don't panic, you can keep everything you like! Hugs! Evelyne
  14. Good morning and afternoon everybody. How is life? I am finally back in Switzerland, and here I stay for the next..... say 3 weeks, and then it's Christmas time in Italy before a busy 2017 starts. After a (too!) long time away from my studio I was going downstairs yesterday to prepare clay for a throwing session. The very first thing I did is putting on my (at the moment orange colored!) apron. That comes as natural to me as brushing my teeth 2x/day. You can laugh about me now but only in wearing my apron I feel that I am a potter. This is my symbol, so to say. An indication "now I work with clay for a time". It's a sign for others (husband, nieces etc.) that they may not disturb me now until I take off the apron again. I don't know if I can express myself correctly, but I think you get the picture. Do you have a symbol or token too that you "need" to feel as a potter in your studio? I wish everybody a happy week! Evelyne
  15. Oh no!, don't think I make life easy for you! The "most helpful thingy" must be a thing that has nothing to do with pottery! See, now you have to think again.... Good morning everybody. MY most helpful thingy is a water bottle that I can also use when my hands are full of mud. And the bottle is spick-and-span after using! I have to drink lots of water or tea during the day to prevent my head from getting a headache. Too little water in my body, too much pain. So it's drinking and drinking at least 4 liters of water or tea for me. And yes Marcia, I saw you using excatly a bottle like that at our symposium in Barcelona, and I was searching in every store till I found one. (Of course I know that I could always use a glass and a straw if I don't want to smudge the glass or bottle with clay, but would that be cool? See!!) What is YOUR most helpful cool object that helps you through a clay-day? Happy week to all of you! Evelyne
  16. Good morning forum friends! I am happy that Nerd helped me again with another of his QOTW's. Now it's confessing time again: What is the biggest epic failure in your pottery career that taught you the biggest/best lesson? *Pottery is one of a few avenues that failures teach you as much as success, perhaps more. Who will be the ice breaker? Have a wonderful week! I will be off to Barcelona Thursday (2 week symposium, 1 week congress). Marcia will be in my symposium too as well as other Potters Council members! WooHoo! Pres is taking over the QOTW for the next 3 weeks. Thank you very much Pres! I appreciate your help very much!! Evelyne
  17. "Finding Beauty in Imperfection" (Akira Satake) What comes to mind when you read this sentence? A philosophical answer? A picture of one of your "imperfect" pieces? Imperfect beauty found in nature? I am curious.... Happy week everybody Evelyne
  18. Good morning, afternoon, evening forum friends! I am happy to announce a new question by our member Nerd: "WHEN YOU VISIT MY STUDIO, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TOUCH MY ________! (but he didn't tell us what exactly we may not touch in his studio).... Hmmmm.... Nerd?!! How about in your own studio? List the top five things visitors aren't allowed to touch. For me it's: 1) the brick on the floor on the left side of my wheel. It's perfectly aligned with my left foot. 2) the switch for the spinning direction of the wheel 3) the scissors! (I hope my husband is reading this thread!!) 4) the top shelf of my cabinet (it's hanging loose....) 5) the washing machine (does that count?) Have a wonderful week everybody! Evelyne
  19. Good morning my friends. Here in my Italian home the weather is still fine and the temps approx. 19°C. But I hear that in Switzerland it's only 9°C and grey in grey. Sadly I have to drive back to Switzerland coming Saturday... Today I have a new guest. Sydney Gee, who is new in the QOTW forum part and who is very welcome to the club! Her question is the following: "I was wondering, has there been a ceramics in action forum board or qotw? I was thinking it would be cool to have a discussion where users can post photos of their pots in action, serving at weddings, morning mugs of coffee, planters...etc." Well, yes, we all have ceramics in action, don't we?! Come on, brag a bit and show us your works in action. Good idea for a question Sydney. Thank you! Have all a happy week Evelyne
  20. I just can see one or the other raising an eyebrow reading my QOTW Others may laugh out loud, yelling YESSSSSS. And maybe there is one or the other saying "Me? Well... Ehm....never say never.....". Still others blush, look quickly to the left and right and ask themselves "how does she know?" I know because I am doing the ransacking quite regularly. Not in normal trash bins of course (that was only written in the title of this QOTW to get your attention), but construction waste bins, skips, dumpsters etc. During the Symposium in Barcelona I found a few things in dumpsters I could use, and some of the Symposium group, mainly Robert and Steve, brought collected construction-waste-a potter-still-can-use almost every day. It's normal. It's us! How about you? Are you or are you not rifling through dumpsters? Happy week to everybody! Evelyne
  21. Two days ago I started a kiln... high fire... at least cone 8. You must know that the weather here is nice, well more than nice, it is summer and hot outside. I would say around 86 FF. Combine this heat and the heat of the kiln and you get the temps we have in the kitchen when I open the door to the basement, where the kiln is. When my hubby saw me programming the kiln he blanched. Next thing he said is: "you potters are a crazy bunch"! "Why can't you start high fire kilns only in wintertime??" Yesssss, we are crazy! And what my hubby said in his distress was a compliment in my ears. QOTW: Can you remember what people said to you, or about you as a potter, that sounded rude, but was, in your ear, more a compliment than an insult? Enjoy what ever you do! Evelyne
  22. Good day to you my friends. I love it! Chilly, one of our forum members, wanted to reply to a question of another member (regarding a glazing issue) and thought "hey, that could be a good QOTW"! Thank you Chilly for sending the question to me and for being my guest for this week! That's what Chilly sent me: Pottery seems to be an art/craft where newbies have expectations greater than their starting skills. When we first learn to write, we don't expect to produce a best-selling novel; When learning to ride a horse or bike, we don't expect to take part in the Olympics the same year; Our first time at baking doesn't produce a three-tier wedding cake; Why are expectations different for pottery? Have a great week everybody! Evelyne and Chilly
  23. Awwwww, I am a day late. So sorry. Life got in the way big time... We have (happy dance!) another great question from Glazenerd for the coming week. A real challenge! Get ready for a surprise. Here is what Nerd has for you: "Potters are a creative bunch, always expressing themselves in the pieces they make. Perhaps it is time to use words to express the art we make. QOTW: Write one stanza or an entire poem centered on any aspect of the clay arts" Did I promise too much? A challenge indeed. My pencil is sharp, now how to start a clay poem.... Hmmmm.... How about you all? Are you already writing away? Nerd did, and that's what he sent me (it is rhymed to "Twas the Night before Christmas"!... and it has to be finished still....) Here goes: The Kiln Song Twas the night of the firing, And all through the studio, Willemite was growing, Even though it is pseudo. When up through the controller, The temps they did climb, Even though my old elements, Laid over like dimes. On copper, on cobalt, on ZNO, For tomorrow after is the art show, On titanium, on silica and mango, No time for reduction on this load. ...... ......
  24. I just had a visit from the eldest kid of my gardener. The kid (Lucio) is six years old and he told me at length how to cut back olive trees and roses ... (I don't have roses by the way) But on to the next QOTW: a few days ago our Marcia asked in another thread http://community.ceramicartsdaily.org/topic/14600-how-many-people-here-subscribe-to-magazines-like-ceramics-monthy-studio-potterclay-times-ceramics-review-new-ceramics/ ... and I learned that people from the US for instance only read US magazines. Since I am writing articles for a European magazine (which is availabe also in English, and one can subscribe also to an oline version) I am curious why nobody looks "beyond one's own nose". What does it need for you to look beyond your own nose? No offense meant! Have a great week everybody! Evelyne
  25. I remember, years ago, when other potters were here on the forum, that a few started to laugh at people who were using technical devices or, heaven forbid; a splashpan. I use a splashpan, otherwise I'd have to paint my studio every time after throwing.... And a month ago I bought myself the best technical device ever (well, not ever maybe): a GG! (sorry but I may not make advertisement here, but I guess you get what I mean). I make uneven chawan (remember: beauty lies in imperfection) and can't center them satisfactorily on my wheel. So GG is helping me now! In addition I can use it for carving my bi-discs in centering them on the GG and let the wheel spin very slowly, and then carve and use the movement! Very handy for lots of my ideas. How about you? Are you using technical or other devices you know some people would laugh at you if they know? Evelyne
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