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Found 8 results

  1. Just a reminder here......... it is time to place your vote for who will represent you on the Potter's Council Advisory Board. See the latest Potters Pages for the candidates bios. best, .....................john Former President and Immediate Past President
  2. I've filed my votes for the new members of the Potters Council Advisory Board. Have YOU? best, ........................john
  3. Back from NCECA. Exhausted, as always. Now that the in-person Potters Council Advisory Board meeting held in conjunction with the annual NCECA conference is over, the new Board is seated, and the information was then released to the membership in attendance at the annual Member's Reception.............. The Potters Council is very pleased to announce that Vicky Hansen is the new Chair Elect. The two new Board members are E. Preston Rice (who will continue as CAD Forum Moderator also) and Evelyne Schoenmann, our first international member of the Advisory Board. Steven Branfman moves to one year as the Immediate Past Chair, and Kevin Crowe is the new Chair for the next year. Retiring from their terms on the Board are Diana Pancioli and Lyndsay Meiklam. Thanks go to Diana and Lyndsay for their service to the membership. Thanks also go to all of the other 2015 election candidates that offered their time and expertise to potentially give back to the membership of the Potters Council. Posting this notice is my last official act (trailing my Board 'retirement' by a couple of days) as the outgoing Immediate Past Chair and the Chair of the 2015 Nominating Committee. Serving for the past four years on the Board has been an honor. Thanks. best, ..............................john Immediate Past Chair Chair, 2015 nominating Committee
  4. This forum is for participants of the 2015 Potters Council Ceramics in Tuscany V. This will be a good place to share travel tips and introduce yourselves. I'll go first. My name is Holly Goring and I'll be representing the Potters Council during our tour in Tuscany. I am currently the Editor of Pottery Making Illustrated and the Associate Editor for Ceramics Monthly. I have been with the American Ceramic Society for 10 years now, starting as an intern while I was in graduate school at The Ohio State University. I am also a studio artist, primarily making sculptural wall pieces. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. I looking forward to meeting everyone in Florence!
  5. Hey Potters Council members......... It is election time again for the people who represent YOU. Go here to vote online: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/potters-council/vote-for-your-2015-potters-council-board-members/ Or wait until the paper copy shows up in you mailbox, fill it out and mail it in. (And no... you can't vote twice ) Do your civic duty to your fellow potters.................... and..................... VOTE! best, .........................john PS: Thanks to those that have done so already and those that are headed there right now.
  6. We draw upon all kinds of sources when making our work, nature, stories, and history, for example. Is there someone in the past that you look to for inspiration? Who is the historical figure that has influenced your art the most?
  7. As a collector of pottery, would you prefer to have a set of a potter’s work, ie. dinner set or many pots by different potters? Why? Post an image of a sample of your collection.
  8. Just a little FYI here .......... to keep you a little aware of the behind the scenes work that goes on. Last night (10/16/13) the Potters Council Advisory Board met in a hour and fourty five minute tele-conference meeting. Keeping the organization moving along. best, ......................john
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