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Found 2 results

  1. Since day 1 I wanted to do wood firing. I started with an electric kiln and although it is possible to do interesting things I'm still focused on ultimately doing Anagama. I cant truly test Cone 10 glazes in my electric and want to get as close to possible to that environment, which means a way to do reduction, neutral and oxidation. So I got a broke down Duncan kiln donated to me and the burner came in today so I'm super excited!!! Stripping it down tonight and getting the elements out then will figure out how to cut the burner port and the top opening. Then I have to find a 40 - 50 gallon tank. Gaaaaaaah excited! df
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this form, and new to kilns. last week i started trying to make an updraft gas kiln, and it seems i hit a wall that i need some help with. Setup : Kiln inside size : 9" x 18" height 15" first shelf @ 6" Bricks used : Firebricks/ refractory bricks 9x2.5x4.5 ** Dry stacked ** Gas : LP Temperature : K type thermocouple sensor (0-1300 c ) positioned at 9" height on the sidewall and sticking out 1.25" (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UWVZAY8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) The problem : I cannot get the kiln to go more than 1200 degrees Trials : 1- With heat source positioned flush with inside wall, two top bricks open. Temperature rises to 500 f within 5 minutes and then within 10 minutes to 600 degrees. From then on temperature will stay between 600-700 degrees even after 45 minutes. adjusting the gas flow at times helps get it to temperature. 2- Continuation of 1 : top bricks closed... temperature drops fast to 400 degrees and with adjusting the gas down to accomodate less oxygin i can bring it back up to 600-650 3- Same as 1 but after 30 minutes i started opening up holes in the bricks by sliding them apart without burning myself to make more air holes... the more holes i open the higher the temperature got.... reached max 1200 f 4- same as 1 with burner positioned 2" outside of the Kiln. same max temp as 1 From what i am seeing and from the amount of carbon in the kiln after so few firings, i think i have too little oxygen in the kiln. It is my first attempt to make a kiln and from all the pictures and videos i saw i didnt see holes in an upward drift gas kiln, other than the peek holes, which i tried to make but it only increased the temperature upto 900 f. Do i have to make holes all over the kiln for oxygen? is the kiln design just wrong? is it too small ? i really cannot figure out what is the next step i should try, or just redo the whole thing with a different design. ANy help is very much appreciated. Here are some pictures of the project. Thanks in advance, Layth
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