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Found 3 results

  1. In resourcing parts for my own kiln controllers, I have noticed a simular design shared between the bartlet v6, skutt, dynatrol control boards. I like continuity between controllers for ease of programming, but not all my kilns are made by the same manufacturers. The cost isn't so much an issue. Can I run any of these controllers on my kilns. I have Olympic2327 and skutt1027 1227 kilns so far, similar in size, I like multi zone control. I was going to just mount my controllers on the wall and run the thermocouple/power wires over to the kilns ( much like a L&L Jupiter controller). Has anyone wired these controllers with this cross compatibility in mind? And how similar is the programs on these controllers?
  2. I just tried my new Orton AutoFire 3000 Single Zone. I Love it, so far. My first fire was a 3/4 load bisque ^04. I attached the controller to the wall where I could easy access. And in a position that allows the Kilns power cord to attach to it without touching the kiln. I have it attached to my Duncan 1029n ProPlus kiln as shown in the attached picture. I paid $658.00 from Big Ceramic Store online. I programmed it following the instructions in the user manual. I was really scared I would screw things up, but I baby sat it through the complete firing. And everything worked as programmed. I set it up the night before with a 12 hour delay start, so that I could be there in the morning when it started. It did. But I have a few things to learn about it, since I never had an electronic kiln before. Well, it's still a manual kiln, but it's an electric one now too. So, I was wondering if anyone else has tried this unit and if so, I have some questions? 1. What a, Ramp? 2. What is the best rate speed to use for Bisque ^04? I used the slow setting for 2 hours with a 30 min.soak at ^04 and no rate at cool down. It took 14 hours. 3/4 full to finish. 3. What is the best rate speed for Glaze ^6? Full load. I will probably fire this Sunday or after jury duty. I hope I do not get picked. It's going to be a perfect weather week here in South Texas. Pray for me Well, as I said, so far I like it, but I am looking forward to many years of use. Heck, it saved me 2G's. So it's gotta be good. I will post a review after the glaze fire. I am checking out for tonight, the Mrs. wants dinner and a movie.
  3. I love it when people give me stuff! I am a "stuff" magnet. Today, someone was getting rid of about 250 lbs of stoneware and low-fire clay, some still bagged and in the box. All I'll have to do is rehydrate and wedge. But also in the boxes of goodies she was tossing, was an old fireright sr controller and a paragon pyrometer, and numerous dried up glazes and masons stains. Now I'm guessing the controller is less than state-of-the-art, but I'll bet it works, and even if it doesn't I'm thinking it is repairable. Anyone ever used one of these things? Any tips on rehydrating glaze that is dried out in the jar? Whooppee! john autry frit happens
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