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Found 2 results

  1. I came across a chart on Julia Galloway's Field Guide section of her blog that has a pdf chart called "Bob Shay's Glaze Recipe Chart (Cone 06-04, Oxidation, Matt-textures, Wide temperature range)." I attached a copy. While I am familiar with many of the glaze types he has listed (like lichens, lizards, beads, craters, etc) there are some that I can't figure out: "Flamedrops" "Earthmother" and "Superstition" are the ones that have me stumped. Is anyone familiar with these? I can't find anything helpful about them on the web. I would love to see images or at least get an accurate description of what to expect from them. I'm still a newbie to glaze crafting. I'm sure some of you can look at the ingredients and know right off what the resultant mixture will do. Thanks in advance. P.S. If anyone is interested Julia has a lot of pdfs available for download.Many are just handwritten recipe notes (I found that I had to open the pdfs in Internet Explorer as they come up blank for me with Chrome: http://juliagalloway.com/field-guide/chapter-12-pdf-downloads/ LowFireTextureGlaze-Shay.pdf LowFireTextureGlaze-Shay.pdf
  2. Dear All, The Art Students League of Denver will be hosting a slide lecture and two day demonstration/hands-on workshop with Julia Galloway (www.juliagalloway.com) on developing forms, surfaces and ideas for pottery on February 7th-9th, 2014. Julia is a potter who creates utilitarian work, and is a professor and Director of the School of Art at the University of Montana-Missoula. Please join us! For more info see the attached flyer. To register online go to: www.asld.org or call 303-778-6990. Spaces for the hands-on portion of the workshop are limited so please plan to register early. Thank you! Shelley Schreiber Ceramics Studio Manager -------------------------------------------------------------------- Art Students League of Denver 200 Grant Street | Denver, CO 80203 303-778-6990 X1106 | www.ASLD.org Direct: 720-638-7325 Master_Class_Julia_Galloway_02_2014.pdf
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