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Found 1 result

  1. I did some searching but strangely didn't find info regarding my issue. Im a newbie pottery of 3years, created my own studio two years ago. My teacher said she couldn't teach me more and I went to apprentice with a production potter. In my opinion my skill is good for only 3yrs but still has far far to go (I can throw shapes I choose and I can throw at a decent rate of pots/hour) I have done several raw firings in a borrowed kiln and had few if any failures over the last year. Having moved house I am sharing a kiln with a friend now. She bisques and then glaze fires. She fired some of my items when I very first started pottery. My items blew up - I put it down to them not being dry and thickness issues etc. During my year with a kiln to myself I had no breakage no blow-outs and with glaze testing I had nothing sticking to shelves even with raw firing - I'm as meticulous as possible. I use witness cones etc. Now with a lot of practice my pieces are more uniform. Not having access to a kiln I decided to fire with her again and try to grit the bisque/glaze routine. Strangely nearly every bowl was either reduced to rubble (literally a pile nothing recognizable) or the whole base was blown out. The pots where dry (there was a moist day the day before the firing) my large bowl was fine. Some of the bowls were fine. My friend is the opposite of me and uses no cones, I'm not even sure she every peeps through her peep hole. My question is this - had the bowls simply blown out at the base I would believe it's due to dampness. What I'm confused at are the piles of rubble. I've never heard of such a thing. This leads me to wonder if perhaps the firing was to fast. What about air bubbles - the clay we access has changed considerably but they factory is VERY private about what's in the clay the content etc. I am very much wanting to put cones in her kiln and ask if I can camp there for the next firing. I think she'd be offended as she never has a problem with her own items. I'm seriously doubting myself now and am finding a more advanced teacher than the one I originally started with. One so my techniques can be checked and two for the firing.
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